My Journey Begins – Post #1

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A goal, long overdue, finally accomplished. I’ve contemplated designing a web page, one specifically tailored to my niche and popular hobbies, for years. I’ve even become a semi-decent content creator on Youtube over the years– teaching myself how to edit photos, shoot video and capture video for gameplay and other things related to my unique interest. However, today is the day that I finally make that first step into creating something which will require me to learn a new set of skills. I hope this endeavor proves to be one which will grant success, by way of opportunities, new skills, partnerships.


This post is one more centered around myself, something for me to look back on. But maybe in the coming months and years it will be something others can appreciate as well. Lastly, I thought this promotional image, from Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda Breath Of The Wild; would be fitting for this first post. Also, I happen to be in love with my Nintendo Switch and take it with me almost everywhere.

E3 2017 is just around the corner, I’ve decided I will cover the event. Of course, not the full range and all of the news of E3, but I will focus on the stories and topics which interest me most. Down below is an image containing what I most hope to see this year!





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