Nintendo You’re Scaring Me, Voice Chat For Online Games, Splatoon 2, Looks Tedious And Clunky

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As the current owner of both a Wii U and a Nintendo Switch I’m looking forward to Splatoon 2, after the success that was the first game. Splatoon released worldwide in May 2015, the game was heavily marketed and became one of Nintendo’s best new intellectual properties. Down the street from me, in Santa Monica, they even had events to promote the game as well as events at E3 2016.


However, despite of Splatoon’s enormous successes many fans, I’m assuming the “hard-core”, felt the game’s lack of voice chat was a serious dilemma and held the game back. However, in it’s place there was the option to send out two chat commands which used the Wii U gamepad’s d-pad, similar but much less effective than Overwatch’s chat wheel with voice lines. The games producer has commented on why they opted out from using voice chat, on a interview with NintendoLife.

Personally, I’ve kept away from using voice chat in online games unless I’ve partied up with some randoms or I’m playing with friends who I personally know. Team based shooters like Blizzard’s Overwatch actually have features in which you can remain or group with a party upon winning a game. Splatoon strikes me as a game in which voice chat could improve the game, but the game is simple enough where I could live without the feature altogether. Simply because I’m not too concerned about my rank in a game like Splatoon, a game where I could be playing against a much younger player…

This comic sums up my thoughts entirely.  splatoon1b.png

Regardless of my opinion and others around the internet, Nintendo has heard your concerns and pleas for voice chat integration. Nintendo has come up with a solution that will solve all our problems, maybe…


Is this headset available now for other devices? Because I NEED IT!


Yeah, headset looks awesome, well at least till you see how it’s connected… Splatoon2

Apparently the headset comes with a device which splits the native 3.5mm output from the headset into an output for voice audio and an input for game audio. Not too bad till you realize the Microphone port must be connected to a cell phone running Nintendo’s Switch Online Application, this app is currently unreleased.


Honestly, the first thing I thought about is being caught up in a tangled mess when I want to charge my cellphone while trying to play online using this headset abomination along with the Nintendo Switch app via Cell Phone. Realistically, It might just be better to dial up buddies on Skype or use apps like Team Speak or any number of teleconferencing applications which can be used from a laptop or desktop computer while gaming on the switch.

I may look like a damn fool but I’m carrying my team in Splatoon 2


At the end of the day, I still plan on getting Splatoon 2. Voice chat? Who even needs voice chat anyway. I’m not some sort of Nintendo apologist,  I just don’t care enough about voice chat in what I consider a relaxing, retreat in the FPS (honestly it’s a TPS) genre. Will save my rage and table flipping for Hanzo, Widowmaker, auto lockers in my Competitive Overwatch Queue.


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