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Aside from pointing out the obvious, a Pokemon exclusive Nintendo Direct debuted which promoted expansions to existing games without a new entry in the franchise in sight. However pre-Switch release rumors and speculation of these titles (Pokken Switch Port / Pokemon Stars) already pointed to the possibility of both these announcements coming true.


I’m not actually going to discuss Pokemon “Stars” other than the fact that I believe Pokemon Ultra Sun & Pokemon Ultra Moon are the same thing, in concept, meaning I believe they are whatever Pokemon “Stars”, would have ultimately been; an expansion of some sort. As far as I’m concerned that rumor turned out to be true (overlooking that it is a 3DS only title) as did the next rumor, the Pokken Switch Port, which is the subject I really want to discuss. I want to share my thoughts on what seems to be an overwhelmingly negative reaction to this news.


I, for one, welcome our new Nintendo business strategy, Wii U to Switch ports for days! Okay, jokes aside… Wii U games didn’t get a real chance.

Switch U

Now, I have to be completely honest here, I’m under the impression that the majority of this backlash is coming from consumers who had already bought into these titles in the previous generation. Titles being Mario Kart 8 and Pokken Tournament on Wii U. I can understand why some of them would be reluctant or hesitant to support the same game twice, even with the additional content in each package. However, this is when you exercise your consumer right to bypass that entry in the series!  It’s that simple, just don’t buy the game! The Nintendo switch has just launched and the launch window library is already vastly superior then the Wii U, even overlooking definitive edition ports. The Switch isn’t hurting, it’s flying off shelves! In Japan they are raffling tickets off to people who are in line to buy the console! You have to win the lotto just to buy a Switch in its home country! But some fans feel that this game, and possibly the release of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, is taking away vital developmental resources and causing them to have to wait longer and longer for a new console entry. I believe this is some of the same reasoning the Metroid Fanbase is falling into, just because one game has been announced doesn’t mean they aren’t already working on another entry in the same franchise.

Hype is generated by fans and the community, Nintendo can’t force you to be hyped for something that may or may not exist…


Honestly, as far as fighters go, the Nintendo Switch looks bleak. Of course, many may argue, “Why would you buy a Nintendo System for Fighters?”. The truth is that I enjoy all platforms and want them all to do well; this includes them all having a diverse library of games of all genres, including Fighters.

Right Now SNK is killing it with the Downloadable Fighters! SNK like, “GET THE MONEY”.


To sum this up, outside of ARMS and Ultra Street Fighter II The Final Challengers there isn’t many full retail fighters coming to the system… Aside from the newly announced Pokken Tournament DX. We need more, not less. I understand the urge to have a new, mainline, console Pokemon game. However, I would argue, right after the release of Sun & Moon, it’s too soon! The Ultra Sun & Moon games seem to be in the same vein as Pokemon Black & Pokemon White as those games got direct sequels as well.  I’m really honestly hoping that Super Smash Bros. gets revealed at E3 for Nintendo Switch with a late fall/holiday release window.


Ultimately I already know the Nintendo Switch will be an unlikely candidate for games such as Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, Injustice 2, Tekken 7, Street Fighter V, or Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2. So this is why I believe every edition, every Fighting game the switch gets, is extremely important to the device. The Vita had some amazing fighters and I like to think of my Switch as the next Vita, to be real with you.

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