Square Enix Reveals Console Version Of Their Arcade Fighter Dissidia with Dissidia Final Fantasy NT (2018)

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In the same fashion as other developer’s Arcade fighting games before it, such as Tekken 7, Pokken Tournament, Street Fighter IV, and King of Fighters XIII; Square Enix’s Arcade Fighter “Dissidia Final Fantasy”, has been officially revealed as an upcoming console game titled “Dissidia Final Fantasy NT”.

The Dissidia sub-series, a spin-off of the Final Fantasy franchise, has had multiple entries over the course of almost a decade. Starting off on the Playstation Portable (PSP) in 2008 in its home country of Japan, the game has ventured into new territory, setting itself apart from the traditional turn-based or action RPG formula, being Square’s most ambitious forte into the 3D arena fighting genre.


The original story’s cast was made up from Square’s vast line up of Final Fantasy characters. An original story, which had franchise favorites, join each other on the battlefield to aid the agenda of Cosmos or Chaos, two gods engaged in an eternal battle.


Personally, I enjoyed both PSP titles but haven’t had the pleasure of playing the Arcade version myself. I’m extremely excited for this announcement as I have been waiting tirelessly for a official announcement. To be extremely honest, it was to be expected. I was hoping the announcement would have been made at Sony’s Playstation Experience 2016 or the Tokyo Game Show. As with most 3D Arena Fighters, I’m not extremely good at these games so I usually take them as is and don’t have too many suggestions for gameplay. However, I am hoping that Final Fantasy XV main character, Noctis Lucis Caelum, makes an appearance at launch.

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