Dreams Do Come True! Dragon Ball Fighters By Arc System Works in Early 2018 for Consoles and PC

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Gematsu & Shoryuken are reporting an announcement made by Bandai Namco for a game titled “Dragon Ball Fighters”. A new traditional fighter, in the 2.5D style, a similar style to Guilty Gear Xrd’s that is being developed by Arc System Works.

Apparently this information had accidentally been released early so I’m sure we will see more news on this title fairly soon. Dragon Ball Fighters will debut with a three v three team battle mechanic. Users will be able to create teams of their favorite fighters to swap between in matches. A similar tag team mechanic was seen in Arc System Work’s 2D fighter for Nintendo 3DS, Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butoden


The producer of the title, Tomoko Hiroki, stated they picked the 2.5D style so they could incorporate things they would be unable to in the 3D style. The game will be sure to include the “ultra high speed battles” and “flashy special moves” characters of the Dragon Ball franchise are known for.

Arc System Works are best known for Guilty Gear & BlazBlue


Personally, I’ve been a fan of Arc System Work’s titles from a pure cosmetic perspective. Meaning, I’ve not dived into Guilty Gear or BlazeBlue heavily, but I’m aware of the franchises and their cult following. The tutorial mode included in the first Xrd really won me over, the beautiful game settings and characters and the way the characters animate in battle caused me to purchase the first Xrd on both PS4 and PC. However, I’ve not played them much and am aware of additional DLC content or revisions to the game, REVELATOR & Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2. However, because of this announcement, I’m interested in supporting the developer and checking out their current properties.

Oh, Arc Systems, did you want my money? Cause this is how you get it!


Another Dragon Ball game, more market confusion, game play inconsistancy?

The Dragon Ball franchise has had a bad rap for being inconsistent. Very much like the Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man, and the Metroid franchises. These developers and the companies supporting them tend to jump from gameplay style to game play style without rhyme or reason, well, if you ignore the topic of poor sales.

To me, the inconsistency between games is similar to this recurring Call of Duty topic…


This article would be too long if I decided to go any deeper than what I’ve already stated. However, I will mention, quickly, my favorite Dragon Ball franchise games and why I love them. Additionally, I will mention what I feel “Dragon Ball Fighters” will bring to the table and why it’s important for the brand.


  1. Super Dragon Ball Z & Hyper Dragon Ball Z (Fan Game):
    1. Everything from Supers aesthetics to its music was like a classic SEGA AM2 or Capcom Fighting Game from the early 90s. The game play was solid and played like a 3D Capcom Game, I believe the director of the game was originally from Capcom.
    2. Hyper DBZ is a fan game made out of pure love, I can’t possibly gush about all the positives of this FREE GAME, here but even as a fan game it needs a spot on my list.
  2. Budokai 3 / Burst Limit
    1. Budokai 3 set the standard for 2.5D Dragon Ball Fighters, it has aged pretty well too. I think Burst Limit upped everything we loved about the game except its content, sadly.
  3. Tenkaichi 3 / Raging Blast 2
    1. The 3D Arena style fighting games started to get really good by Tenkaichi 3, eventually Raging Blast 2 took the title, but like Burst Limit before it, the game lacked content. Noticing a pattern here…
  4. Xenoverse 2
    1. Deserves a spot on my list, as it’s my favorite Dragon Ball game, from a content/anime experience perspective. I don’t really play Xenoverse or its sequel as a “Fighter” but the game is still amazing no less.

Arc Systems Work has the chance to make a serious Dragon Ball Fighter! But not at Xenoverse’s expense, but side by side they could do something great!


I don’t think “Dragon Ball Fighters” should replace any existing series, Xenoverse. I believe Xenoverse was a, MUCH NEEDED, breath of fresh air. The Budokai and Tenkaichi series (including the renamed sequel series, Burst limit and Tenkaichi, by Dimps and Spike respectively) started to get stale. Nothing really changed radically other than the gameplay. Xenoverse pioneered a new story and even create-a-character, CAC. I would love to see them to continue introducing new ideas into Xenoverse, ideas which could make their way into the anime/manga (Dragon Ball Super) or possible future movies. However, I would love to see “Dragon Ball Fighters” develop into a serious fighting game series, a series which could expose fans of fighting games to the amazing world that is Dragon Ball, thus expanding the brands influence with additional fans. Dragon Ball esports anyone? I’d be down!  You can’t argue, Goku has more influence than even Capcom’s Ryu.



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