The Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom Killer That Arc System Works & BandaiNamco Should At Least Consider After Dragon Ball Fighter Z

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E3 week is finally over, I’ve been M.I.A for a few days and will get to E3 impressions and content soon. However, midway through writing a new article on my time with Dragon Ball Fighter Z, at the BandaiNamco booth, I had an amazing idea. Judging by the topic header you already know what this grand idea is, how crazy would it be for BandaiNamco to work with Arc System Works to create a new Jump title?

Jump Info.png

Honestly, I don’t want Marvel vs Capcom Infinite (or any future titles in the franchise) to fail or do badly as I’m extremely passionate about the series. Additionally, Dragon Ball Fighter Z isn’t even out yet and the game is only at 20% completion as stated by series producer Tomoko Hiroki – we don’t know what the final package will contain or even if fans will be campaigning for a direct sequel to the title, Dragon Ball Fighter Z.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is a 3-vs-3 team battle fighting game in development by Arc System Works in the same vein as Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, My reaction to this news was pretty overwhelming.


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However, from fan reception online and at E3 it would seem obvious that this game is likely to succeed. But true gamers, consumers of this media form, know better than to count their chickens before they hatch. Dragon Ball Fighter Z looks to be the fighting game many fans have waited for since the days of Dragon Ball Budokai & Burstlimit by Dimps. Of course, some have been waiting even longer for a “traditional” fighter, with only Super Dragon Ball Z & Hyper Dragon Ball Z being a small glimpse of the amazing possibilities the Dragon Ball IP crossed over with a hardcore fighter can produce.


Unfortunately, I don’t have any NPD statistics on the financial success of both Jump Ultimate Stars (Jump Super Stars before it) or J-Stars Victory Vs. However, I’d imagine they sold pretty well as a large number of individuals within the anime fighter gaming community imported these games as soon as possible. Additionally, both of these games had re-release updates or sequels (Jump Super Stars upgrading to JUS and J-Stars Victory Vs Plus) a practice that has been somewhat controversial (See Capcom and Street Fighter) to some and loved by others as a means of additional content in a short period of time. Regardless, these games probably can stand on their own due to the large number of properties and IPs in the game. I’ve discussed something similar before in my Sega All-Stars Fighter’s article.


Personally, I preferred Jump Ultimate Stars over J-Stars Victory Vs, but I do have both games and find myself going back to them often – especially because both games are on portable platforms and it’s great to fight others at anime conventions and other places you can find fans of the titles. You can best believe that I would pre-order and get any Collector’s Edition of any game proclaiming “True 2.5D Fighter with team battles with your favorite Jump characters over the last 45+ years”. AN INSTANT FREAKING BUY FROM ME!!!


Also, this can’t be stated enough, support for ALL platforms (switch included as it’s the new vita/3ds) would be amazing. Something like this is something I could pick up on all platforms so I can enjoy the freedom of truly playing it everywhere.


Posted to a thread on SRK’s facebook and was shocked to find some fans receptive of the idea


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