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Obligatory first post, I won’t include this summary in future DBS post. I used to cover Dragon Ball Super content on my Youtube Channel. However, due to the strict lock down of Toei Animation related Youtube content I decided not to risk a channel copyright strike. Also, I didn’t want to become a “Dragon Ball Youtuber” specifically, I like to diversify my content. However, as I watch this series near religiously, I’ve decided to go back to doing reviews and impressions via my web page. I may do video summaries of the content shown here, as well as audio clips of the summary playable on this page for those who wish to listen rather than read. I will try to write these after the episode airs but due to other restraints I might be a bit slow. I hope you find this engaging and I hope to cover every episode going forward, including filler.


Dragon Ball Super Episode 94: The Emperor of Evil Returns! A reception of Mysterious Assassins?!

Directly following the events of Dragon Ball Super Episode 93 You’re the 10th Warrior! Goku Visits Freeza!! – Goku is in the middle of explaining, or rationalizing, the decision to revive Frieza as a member to participate in the universal tournament. However, the group reacts to Goku’s proposition with uncertainty… If you recall both Vegeta and Krillin were killed by Frieza in Dragon Ball Z’s Namek Saga.


Team 7’s 9 members, excluding Majin Buu who unfortunately dropped out…


Soon after we are met with a conversation between Sidra and Quitela both gods of destruction for their respective universes, universe 9 and universe 4, who are discussing intel given to them about universe 7’s decision to make Frieza a member of the team. It is revealed that Quitela has spies overseeing the formation of universe 7’s team, perhaps more than universe 4 and 9 are in on observing universe 7, and are plotting to trigger their disqualification by assassinating Frieza. Quitela explains to Sidra that if team 7, universe 7, cannot come up with 10 candidates then they would be disqualified and instantly erased by Zen-Oh, Omni-King.


It wasn’t the first time, yet again Sidra – the god of destruction of universe 9 is shown as an extremely weak individual, one who is ruled by fear and is extremely petty, not unlike that universe’s Kaiōshin, Roh. They are both willing to do whatever it takes to win, survive, even if it means defying the wishes of Zen-Oh, that wish being a fair competition between universes. However, even more interesting then Sidra was Quitela. Quitela reeks of deceit, appears quite cunning, and has completely manipulated Sidra into doing something which directly benefits himself.

Quitela & Kuru play dirty


So far the episode really had me engaged, especially with the likes of so many evil, prideful individuals seemingly ready to do whatever it takes to survive, and then the newly resurrected Frieza being thrown into the mix is making things incredibly interesting. However, the weakest part in the episode had to be Bulma and Vegeta’s reaction to Trunks who inquired about Frieza’s badly drawn picture placed with the rest of Team 7. I’m all for “New Vegeta”, he really has had some character development — All of which had been foreshadowed in Battle Of Gods and Revival Of F movies. However, sometimes, recently, outside of battle or training he is shown as a little too goofy, just my subjective belief though. But it does speak to his character as a genuine father figure.


Goku interrupts the conversation and suggests Trunks and Goten volunteer for an assignment and ask Krillin to take them to No.17’s island to both protect the island and to pick up No.17 for the tournament. Goku suggest brining No.18 along with him, his wife, as Krillin hasn’t seen him since their last engagement.

He tried to kill us in the past, now I’ve married his sister… what will be come of me


Next Roshi is seen training, yet again. I’m really impressed by the small interactions we have seen with Roshi training. I believe, can only hope, that Roshi can bring some ancient or unique ki based skills to the tournament of power. Honestly, with the Dragon Ball series going on and Roshi being a recurring character there is no reason not to retcon some of what we previously saw as his limit. I would love to see him have some new tricks up his sleeve.

But first you might want to learn how to Fly on your own.


Sidra and Roh are seen again continuing their discussion of team 7 and their plot to assassinate Frieza. It’s interesting how they call Frieza out while neglecting to realize how dirty their actions are. I’d imagine Roh should be better than he is. In many ways Roh comes across as a very petty and weak Zamasu, one unfit for the role of Kaiōshin. However, I loved Mojito’s (universe 9’s angel) reaction. Meme fuel all the way, I couldn’t help myself.

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10.17 and 18The reunion between 17 and 18 was perfect, both of them extremely sarcastic and stiff in their affection for one another. 18 even promising to kill 17 for pronouncing the name of her daughter incorrectly (Marron vs Maron, one being Krillin’s Daughter and the other being his Ex-Girlfriend’s name), Krillin trying to keep the peace and forcing conversation between awkward silences was extremely funny. Android 17 made himself available for the tournament and departed from his island duties, as a ranger, to participate in the tournament. Goten, Trunks and Marron stayed on the island to protect it from any poachers who would do the animals wrong while 17 is away.  They all reunited, except for Goku who had left to get Frieza, at Capsule Corp. Piccolo was the first to directly greet 17. The tension before they shook hands was a direct callback to their rivalry during the Cell Saga. I loved it and was cheering!

10.18 scaryPerhaps my favorite interaction was that between Android 17 and Piccolo. 11.pic17

Okay, things are about to get intense!

Uranai Baba, or just Baba, went to retrieve Frieza for the tournament. Currently, Frieza can only exist outside of his death realm, hell, for 24 hours. However, due to Goku and Frieza’s prior discussion he could be revived via the Dragon Balls if their universe isn’t erased first. By far, while the entire episode was engaging, this was my favorite part in the episode. Right after being revived, Frieza takes a few steps and punches Goku right in the stomach.  Of course, Goku counters by returning the blow. This moment really showed how the pair have an amazing rivalry, a rivalry that had been cut short due to the way Revival Of F ended. Honestly, I was hoping Frieza wouldn’t die at the end of the movie and could serve a greater purpose in the future as the end of Battle Of Gods rumored multiple universes. If we are brining Frieza back, I would prefer he become a god of destruction, working within specific rules and regulations, or him becoming a sort of recurring anti hero. However, that is a discussion for another time.


Part of me was excited, but a bit afraid for Goku as Vegeta has a level of pride and won’t resort to sneak attacks. Frieza, on the other hand, could lop off an arm or shoot a beam right through the back of your head in mid conversation, Frieza isn’t to be trusted or one to turn your back on!

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Promptly after their short reunion they are called outside and ambushed– honestly Frieza attacked first, then quickly transforms and asks Goku to join him in a quick blood bath. Goku warns Frieza that they are on a deadline and should instant transmission away, it’s apparent right away Frieza can’t be controlled by Goku. Goku might have unleashed something he didn’t bargain for and might not be strong enough to control as Frieza has an idea, or close to an idea of how Powerful Goku’s Max is– obviously ignoring Kaioken Blue.

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Final Thoughts

This episode has been one of the most engaging, in my opinion, since the mid and final parts of the Zamasu Arc. Honestly, If you haven’t been watching Dragon Ball Super then it is time to get into the series. I’ve been watching since day one and there has been tons of filler and slow episodes but things are really starting to heat up and this might be one of my favorite episodes since the last dynamic arc. Looking forward to seeing you guys for the next post on episode 95!

It’s looking like the rumors and leaked episode titles are becoming true! How will the team work with Frieza in a battle royal style tournament? It’s nuts just thinking about it!


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