Mighty Gunvolt Burst First Impressions, Review on the way!

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Mighty Gunvolt Burst (マイティガンヴォルト) has just released on Nintendo Switch, as of 6/15/2017, as a follow up to the Mighty Gunvolt series. A series which exist as a cross-over between the IP’s of Comcept’s Mighty No.9 and Inti Creates’s Azure Striker Gunvolt. The original game, Mighty Gunvolt (マイティガンヴォルト) which released on the Nintendo 3DS, Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, and PC in 2014 was well received and seems to have pushed the developers to collaborate once again for a much fuller and flushed out title. Comcept, who had recently merged with Level-5 to create “Level-5 Comcept”, is well known as Keiji Inafune’s startup company after leaving Capcom in 2010 which developed Mighty No. 9.

I’m really excited to dive into this game as I’ve been a huge fan of Inti Create’s games and Keiji Inafune’s influence/history on the Mega Man franchise. I was, and still am, a supporter of Might No. 9 even after its negative reception (a topic I discuss in this video mildly).  I will be working on a review for the title once I’ve completed the game so stay tuned!

8 Bit Pyrogen Boss Battle, with his new moveset, SOLD ME! Watch the video above


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