E3 2017 Impressions #2 | Nintendo Spotlight E3 2017 | Not One but Two Metroid Game Reveals!?

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Tuesday, June 13th 2017, the first Official day of E3 being open to the public, Nintendo presented their digital event or “Nintendo Spotlight at E3”. Nintendo, earlier in the week, had a Pokemon Direct which revealed some new titles for the franchise. Nintendo’s last E3 was met with mixed reception, on one hand breath of the wild was shown off in great detail but Nintendo didn’t have anything else to bring to E3 2016 aside from some 3DS news.  However, this year Nintendo pulled out all the stops and the hype train went off the rails. While I believe “Nintendo’s back”, I was concerned about the lack of third party reveals on top of the generous amount of first party content announced for both the Switch and 3DS. Below I will list some of the reveals along with some impressions. Seeing this is writing after the fact, I will say that I almost would have preferred the Pokemon direct, SNES Classic Reveal, and Metroid Samus Returns (3DS) being revealed in this Nintendo Spotlight event rather than having them as separate announcements. To me it would have made a good show even better, a more robust media blow out.



  • Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle – Releases August 29th 2017
    • I’m actually more excited for this game than Odyssey. Honestly, I’ve been a huge fan of the RPG Mario titles as a kid (Super Mario RPG, Paper Mario, etc) as I was worried blending these two IP’s would be a horrible idea. However, I was proven wrong and this looks to be “Mario x Xcom”. The gameplay was shown via Ubisoft’s press conference but was shown again in Nintendo’s presentation. Really excited to get this on my Switch this summer and hope the game sells well to attract more 3rd party development and more Ubisoft Switch support. The game has a unique charm, one that I think another company has exploited for their own financial gain… (Rabbids vs Minions)


  • Beyond Good and Evil 2
    • This has been a long time coming, the game originally debuted on the Nintendo Game Cube, Playstation 2, and Xbox in 2003. The game was critically acclaimed and was praised for its animation, setting and design. The announcement, which was originally made at Ubisoft’s conference might have rivaled the announcement of Shenmue 3 back at E3 2015


  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – Holiday 2017
    • I’m unimpressed with the art direction for characters, Xenoblade Chronicles had a look which reminded me of Final Fantasy XII. Literally, Vaan & Shulk look extremely similar. Xenoblade Chronicles X took a more Sci-Fi approach looking like Phantasy Star, Xenosaga, or Star Ocean, which I preferred. So, with Xenoblade Chronicles 2 everything looks so bright, colorful, and the characters look extra childlike or even “chibi” (a style games like bravely default do well). Except for characters like Pyra…3b5
    • Pyra looks to be the main selling point for a “specific” audience, jokes are already being made and I’m wondering if the game franchise will continue its censorship by Nintendo upon release. Fans remember the “Bust Slider” being completely removed from Chronicles X on Wii U, yet now we have Pyra, a character with the slider on MAX!!! However, jokes aside, I’m still interested in this title on the merits of it being a JRPG from a studio that I greatly admire, MONOLITHSOFT.


  • Metroid Prime 4 – In Development for Nintendo Switch
    • Honestly, after all these years It’s amazing just to get a soft confirmation of the game being made. I know fans, some, where completely let down by the lack of a trailer but I’m thinking Nintendo probably just recently started development. I doubt the game has been in development over a year and the project was probably put together quickly after the Metroid Prime Federation Force fiasco.
  • Metroid: Samus Returns – Releases September 15th 2017
    • This took me and other fans by surprise. Federation Force hasn’t even been out a year yet and we have already had two new Metroid games announced, this one coming out in a few months! The game looks gorgeous and is being developed by Mercury Steam. The team responsible for this game’s development also developed Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate on the Nintendo 3DS.


  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of the Wild DLC
    • I loved Breath of the Wild and its easily one of my favorite games of 2017. I bought the season pass with the DLC early as I was greatly impressed with the detail and overall base game package. Really excited to see what this DLC has in store.


  • Rocket League
    • Excited that the Nintendo Switch is getting a port of Rocket League. Honestly, as the game has been on all major platforms, it stands to show that developers can put modern games on the Nintendo Switch, even if assets or the game itself has to be scaled back to run appropriately on the console.


  • Kirby for Nintendo Switch 2018
    • I get the feeling many of these games are very early in development as nothing unique was shown for the game aside for the fact it’s being developed on Nintendo Switch. I believe Kirby Planet Robobot and Kirby’s Return to Dreamland offered unique and interesting gameplay mechanics which cause them to standout or differentiate themselves from one another, Kirby Triple Deluxe included. The game is on my radar and will have to change my opinions as more news and gameplay are made available.


  • Yoshi for Nintendo Switch 2018
    • The game seems to have ditched the whole yarn or “wooly” art direction in favor of this very interesting “paper craft” style. I’ve not played any Yoshi games in years but this one, like kirby, is on my radar. The game actually stood out a bit more than Kirby… However, it also gave me STRONG Little Big Planet vibes


  • Fire Emblem Warriors
    • Great that Fire Emblem is getting more support and love. Honestly, I’m shocked that this didn’t come before Hyrule Warriors as this series seems more deserving of a Warriors style game.







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