MYRIANN Nintendo Switch Portable Dock First Impressions, Review Soon!

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The current Nintendo Switch Dock has had its share of complaints from early adopters. Personally, I bought two Nintendo Switch units at launch and have spent hours playing them, both docked and undocked. However one of my main concerns, specially with regards to playing long hours into these hot summer nights, is the unit overheating due to poor ventilation in the original Nintendo Switch dock. My current set up, seen here breifly, tends to not have good airflow as it is. This is the main reason why this product appealed to me. Link to MYRIANN Nintendo Switch Dock; Product Link via Amazon


Product Description via Amazon

  • Specially designed case to replace your original Nintendo switch dock (you have to take out the circuit board chip from the original Nintendo dock and install it to this replacement case).
  • Precise cutout and more portable, the size of this replacement case is 3.78*2.69*1.15inch,you can put it in your pocket and take it anywhere.
  • Easy to install: Just take out the circuit board chip from your original Nintendo switch dock and install it to this replacement case. You can DIY easily with our video guidance.
  • What you get: 1*switch dock replacement case, 2*screwdrivers and 9 screws, 12 Month 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and 24 Hour dedicated email support.


First Impressions | My MYRIANN Dock via Instagram

  • First off, I must admit that I didn’t realize the product was DIY, bought it on my mobile phone without reading much into the product or its reviews, upon opening the product I had to laugh at how surprised I was that it was in pieces with tools to assemble the unit.
  • However, set up is extremely easy! Took me a couple of minutes to disassemble my second Nintendo Switch’s dock and to input the chipboard into the MYRIANN dock.
  • Cosmetically, the dock looks great and the HDMI & USB ports are spaced well enough so that everything fits well. The Nintendo Switch resting in this dock looks much more aesthetically pleasing in my room, my set up looks much cleaner and appealing with the Nintendo Switch in complete view, over the original dock’s big plasticy black box.


When I purchased this device it was on a whim. Ultimately I’m beyond satisfied and I’m impressed with the product I paid for. I’ve not had the dock a month yet, and intend on producing a complete review in time. Stay tuned! However, things are looking very good for this product and I’ve already recommended people place this product on their radars.


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