E3 2017 Impressions #3 | Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Conference | Monster Hunter World & Spider-Man Revealed

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Sony’s E3 Press Conferences have been some of the strongest and most influential conferences in years. Year after year they continue to reign supreme in comparison to Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo, whom has just completely bowed out of the press conference game. However, Sony’s E3 Conferences have been the butt of many jokes, “Sony’s E3 has increasingly become about games you won’t play for years“. Horizon Zero Dawn, originally shown in 2015 made its debut in 2017, Spider-Man, announced in 2016 with a pending 2018 release window, and dozes of Square Enix titles have been guilty of this. However, isn’t this why we watch yearly with anticipation?

Below I’ll detail some of my impressions to various announcements, but I admit, I was again very impressed with this conference and us gamers, like previous years, are spared from listening to information about company “visions” or financials… Sony brought the games, exactly what we, as gamers, are here to see!

My Live Reaction to Sony’s Conference, E3 2017


MHW1Monster Hunter World (2018)

By far the wildest reveal of the show, in my opinion, was the reveal of Monster Hunter World. This is the next and latest entry in the franchise and will debut on multiple platforms (PS4, XBONE, PC) and takes the series in a new direction for the series; an open arena driven game, with open world elements. Fans, myself included, have been asking Capcom, through Unity and social media platforms, for years to make a next-gen console Monster Hunter game. Our wishes are finally being granted!

SPMN1Spider-Man (2018)

By far the most impressive game shown at the conference, “Spider-Man” which is being developed by Insomniac looks to be the most ambitious title in the Spider-Man series of video games. The game looks like the Batman Arkham series, but just infinitely better. I can’t wait to get my hands on this game, after being a huge fan of previous Spider-Man games like “Web of Shadows, Ulimate Spiderman, Shattered Dimensions, Spider-Man 2000, etc..” I’ve played more Spider-Man games than any other super hero game franchise.


MVCI2Marvel vs Capcom Infinite (2017)

This trailer blew me away. Honestly, there has been a ton of controversy following this game since it’s first gameplay reveal at PSX, very early gameplay reveal at that. However, cosmetically, things have gotten better. As subjective as my opinions are, I do feel that the game, while mediocre in appearance,  looks to be a solid and flushed out title. The story trailer revealed a number of new characters including Zero, from Mega Man X, and Grand Master Meio, from the Strider series. The cinematic story isn’t anywhere near the quality of Injustice 2, but looks to be more than just an Arcade mode with static images and text for a story, something casual fans should appreciate much more than previous outings with the franchise.


HZDFW2Horizon: Zero Dawn The Frozen Wilds (2017)

I have to be honest here, I still haven’t had the pleasure of diving into this franchise. Too many games came out around this titles release; Nioh, Nier Automata, Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild, etc…  I didn’t get to pick up this game and am already falling behind. The initial game looked amazing and was highly acclaimed. Looking forward into picking up the initial game, on the cheap, and picking up the DLC once I finish the base package.


BF21Star Wars Battlefront II (2018) – Also Shown at EA’s Conference

I bought into “EA Battlefront”, when the initial game launched. The game was rushed and was sold along the hype of the battle front name and Star Wars the Force Awakens. Let’s be honest, the majority of us got ripped off, no matter how good the gameplay was or how beautiful it looked, the game was a hollow shell of a game… For once I understood how casual fans of Fighting games feel when they buy games like Vanilla Street Fighter IV, Vanilla Marvel vs Capcom 3, and base Street Fighter V at launch… Cheated…  The game had a ton of post launch DLC but none of it was free, why should I pay for additional DLC if the base game didn’t sell me? Regardless, Battlefront II looks to be a much more solid game and something worthy of a full price game, complete with a cinematic campaign mode. Count me in, I’ll give “EA Battlefront” another try.  Also they seem to be going the “Overwatch” route, another game that was picked apart for having little content at launch but reception changed as the game has been supported with balance updates and free DLC practically monthly. The game will also have a reward system with RNG loot, like Overwatch lootboxes.

bgae2Beyond Good And Evil 2 (2018) – Also Shown at Ubisoft’s Conference

I didn’t play the first game, but after the trailer and reactions online to this announcement I can’t help but be interested. As soon as I can I will go back and play though the initial game in preparation for the launch of this title. Literally, some people were crying in their reactions to this news, I have to see what all the hype is about.



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