Nacon Revolution Pro Controller for PS4 First Impressions (A Potential PS4 Elite Controller)

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I’ve had the pleasure of owning a Nacon Revolution Pro Controller for about a week now. I’ve used it daily, about 2-3 hours per day, to engage in my daily grind… The “grind” being my goal to hit Master Rank in Overwatch’s Competitive mode.  Previously, I had been using the PS4 Pro dual shock controller, which has been unkind and has an issue whereby the connection drops. I’m unsure if it has to do with the PS4 Pro or the actual controller which shipped with my unit.


Because of these issues I decided to buy into the Nacon after making some comparisons with the Xboxone Elite controller, which I also own.  I’ve been meaning to do a full review of these controllers but have yet to get around to it. However, I’m already pleased to say that I’m enjoying my Nacon Revolution and if it survives 2 months of daily play I will complete my review, maybe even giving the controller a perfect score.

Why compare two controllers for two different platforms?


Well, because I own multiple platforms and devices like the CronusMaxPlus allow for you to use different controllers on different platforms. I’ve successfully used my Xboxone Elite Controller to play Overwatch on PS4  Because of this, devices like this and the ability to use these controllers on PC I will be comparing the two once I’ve had my Nacon for a few months.


Both Controllers have quite a bit of Amazon Reviews


Here’s another photo of some of my controllers. Right now my only complaint is that the Nacon cannot use some accessories designed for the regular PS4 controller, such as the chat pad. No real huge loss there though… 21

I’ve made other post about controllers in the past and have mentioned how much I love the Hori Pad Pro which, like the Nacon, have rear buttons and is a wired only controller. Currently, the Hori Pad Pro is my definitive controller when playing on Xboxone and on PC, with regards to FPS games. Unfortunately, I’ve had difficulty using that Hori controller for fighting games as I dislike the D-Pad.  However, the Nacon has an interesting D-Pad, one that feels a bit more suitible for fighters! More on that in time…

Honestly, writing anything more would be premature, I do love this controller and love the customization options for the controller once connected to a PC. I don’t think you can remap the buttons without using a PC, unlike the Hori Pad Pro, but you do have the option to customize things like deadzones and triggers once in the program. If you are interested in a pro style controller I might have to suggest this, or at least keep it on your radar. Check back for the full review soon!

I have to admit, once I compare the two I will have to state my issues with the Xboxone Elite controller, a controller which should be perfect. However, I’ve had the bumper pop out on me more than once… As seen below…

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