Confirmed Reveal(s) at SDCC for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite | Venom? Spider-Man? Dormammu? Monster Hunter? Final Gems Reveal? What will drop?

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Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is less than three months away, the game releases September 19th of this year. However, while news and reveals seem to be slow, possibly due to the excitement or controversy surrounding the game’s MCU focused roster, we may be getting our first big dump of reveals at this year’s San Diego Comic Con (SDCC). Bill Rosemann, Marvel Games, and Marvel vs Capcom Infinite’s twitter have been busy letting fans and followers know of upcoming reveals.

Tweets for the Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Panels at SDCC and D23

Recent Gamora & Jedah Reveals After UMVC3 Finals @ Evo 2017


For those who might have missed it, Gamora (of Guardians of the Galaxy fame) and Jedah (a Capcom Classic from Darkstalkers) had been revealed at EVO 2017 after the Sunday UMVC3 finals.  Footage below…


However, for some, these just prove that the “zip file leak” is indeed true and play into why many are speculating we will see a Spider-Man or Venom reveal soon, myself included. Additionally, a number of variant covers have been revealed which promote the game in various Marvel comic books. These variant covers don’t seem to include characters that haven’t been revealed or already exist in the zip file leak… Nothing crazy like a Dr.Doom, Wolverine, or Breath of Fire character.

  • Characters Revealed via Comic Variant Covers
    • Firebrand; Ghost ‘n Goblins
    • Dormammu; Dr.Strange
    • Nemesis; Resident Evil
    • Gamora; Guardians of The Galaxy (Revealed @ Evo 2017)
  • Characters Revealed via Zip File Leak (Not on a cover or in an official trailer)
    • DahrenMohran; Monster Hunter
    • Death; Marvel’s Death Character???
    • Frank West; Dead Rising
    • Ghost Rider
    • Haggar; Final Fight
    • Hunter; Monster Hunter
    • Venom
    • Spider-Man
    • Winter Soldier; Captain America
    • Jedah; Darkstalkers (Revealed @ Evo 2017)
  • Characters Revealed via Official Trailer
    • Sigma; Mega Man X
    • Black Panther
    • Grandmaster Meio; Strider

Personally I’m excited to get my hands on this game after seeing stuff from Evo 2017 – Footage by Maximilian_Dood via Twitter post by HiFightTH

I’m honestly holding out for a few, multiple character, reveals… I feel like more is better. The gameplay looks great, and aside from some cosmetic issues I’m pretty excited to play this game day one. I’m really just waiting to hear about the roster they will announce for future seasons of the game; because while “I” can handle an MVC without X-Men and Fantastic Four I still can honestly admit Capcom and Marvel are doing the community a disservice by not directly confirming their future presence for the title.

Can we just get a Spider-Man & Venom Confirmation? Gems too!



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