MVCI Zip File Leak is Legit | SDCC 2017 Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Reveals Strengthen Leak Credibility

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In my last article, I speculated whom we might see revealed at San Diego Comic Con 2017, I was right about at least one thing, Spider-Man had been revealed for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. However, for those following this game and taking Ryce’s Leak or the Zip File Leak seriously, you probably aren’t too shocked for these reveals. Personally, I’m just shocked at the fact that this months old leak list, the zip file leak, could be true and we could potentially already know the final roster and several the first wave of DLC characters for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite.

Current Roster | Spider-Man, Mike Haggar, Frank West, Nemesis Revealed for MVCI


Speculative Roster Based on Zip File Leak



However, not everyone is all too happy about these reveals as each of these characters has been in the previous title, personally I don’t mind their inclusion as they all seem to have additional changes, moves, which make them a better fit for this games iteration. Honestly, I do feel that having a number of returning characters allows for people to feel more comfortable picking up the game, feeling more at home knowing they can learn that character again with ease if they had experience in the previous title. However, I understand that the majority of people dissatisfied with the current roster believe the returning veterans eclipse the number of new characters.


Personally, I would really love to see returning classics such as Captain Commando, Jin, Hayato, Gambit, Venom (which we may be getting). However, I also understand that these companies have agendas, agendas to promote characters which actively have content being produced. It might be sad to admit this, but I’m actually just shocked we’ve gotten Jedah and X back from beyond the Capcom grave and might be one of the main reasons I support this game as I’ve been campaigning for X’s return for years… Honestly, some of this could have come from the success that was X and Zeros inclusion in Project X Zone. Jedah also appeared in a cross-over RPG title.

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Ultimately, I feel that Capcom & Marvel should be communicating more, much more directly with their fan base.  We know Mike Evans is leading the production of the game but I don’t believe he is the lead developer, I’m worried that this game is being developed in Japan, far away from the people who are passionate and have a great understanding of what consumers want. In a way, I do feel like this is a repeat of what’s happened in the past with many Japanese developed games. Unlike Nintendo’s Masahiro Sakurai, I don’t feel as if the developers are communicating with the fanbase about what they want with this game (I’ve not seen an official roster poll yet, nothing like the smash ballot), I feel like they are developing a product and have the hope reception will change upon its release. While I’m excited for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, the roster (so far) is okay with me, I can admit there are some concerns and this rabid hate, for this game, seems to be growing and unending. Capcom and Marvel should be focused on brand image and making sure their customers will be satisfied with the finish product rather than assuming they can fix stuff post launch. That said, I’ve already preordered the game and am excited to dig in, the roster and gameplay changes are not a concern for me, but I can understand where this hate is coming from, and this fear that the game will perform poorly.

Veteran Fighters, Returning Fighters being a majority is nothing new


When Roster Complaints Arise, I always think to Masahiro Sakurai…


All of that said, and with everything revealed I do believe that the Zip File Leak is true, credible, and now we just have to wait and hope that not too many more of the leaked characters are DLC only. I’d be really disappointed to know that all the season 1 DLC had been leaked with the base roster.

Now worried Monster Hunter’s “Hunter” will be DLC



So long for now, classics 😥



More Gameplay here, by IGN & Maximilian Dood



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