New Hero, Doomfist, now playable! Released 7/27/17 on PC PS4 XboxOne

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Official Release Trailer

Doomfist was revealed July 6th and has been on the PTR ever since

However, today July 27th marks the day of his official inclusion in the mainline game and live servers. The PTR, public test region, exist for PC players of the game, so unfortunately console Overwatch players haven’t had the chance to test Doomfist unless they have access to the PC version of the game to access the PTR.

Akande Ogundimu, Doomfist’s real name, is a Talon leader and functions as a DPS class hero. Hero skill set below:


This is a character which draws inspiration from all things awesome!

AliArmsOPMShoryuken1Spray1TekkenThumbs Down1On release Player’s getting multikill POGs day one on the PTR


I really want to cosplay Doomfist. This is my motivational poster ;D


Doomfist animated reveal!!! Overwatch Anime?!

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