Capcom Doubling Down On Nintendo Switch Following Ultra Street Fighter II’s Success

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Gamespot & Gematsu reporting a possible influx of New Nintendo Switch games developed by Capcom. The Nintendo Switch launched march 3rd 2017 with titles such as The Legend Of Zelda Breath of The Wild and Super Bomberman R. The system has been flying off shelves and is already approaching 5 million units sold. However, many would argue, myself included, that the system is lacking in true third party support from large successful publishers, specially those who are popular in the First Person Shooter or Fighting Game genres. Capcom recently came out and announced that Resident Evil 7, Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers, and Monster Hunter XX have contributed in boosting profits up in the quarter in comparison to the previous fiscal year. Additionally, revenue from arcades, licensing royalties from sales of character related merchandise is up as well.

Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers (Nintendo Switch 2017)h2x1_nswitch_ultrastreetfighter2thefinalchallengers

I can recall the negative comments and backlash from Ultra Street Fighter II’s initial reveal in which some fans felt they would be left with re-buying 2008’s Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix all over again, but with a larger entry price. Many reviewers, even while enjoying the game, suggested people who already had the initial games or HD Remix to pass up on this entry as it didn’t offer much to build upon those games. However, I ended up purchasing the game and enjoying playing this release as I had never played previous entries of Street Fighter II. I’d even recommend the game for those wanting to explore the fighting game genre or relive some of that classic Street Fighter II nostalgia.

SNK has been killing it the Nintendo Switch

However, Capcom isn’t alone with fighters on Nintendo Switch, SNK has been having somewhat of a renaissance or revival with their brand as of late. Between the success of King Of Fighters XIV and their ACA NEOGEO series of games generating over 200,000 downloads worldwide they are on the comeback. Not to forget their crossovers in the Dead Or Alive and Tekken series. Yes, SNK is on the up and up! They have been porting a number of very popular and fan favorite NEOGEO games to the console which has been great for fans who want to play these titles on the go or on console at home.

List of Developers/Publishers Supporting the Switch



Unfortunately, it all hasn’t been good news. Capcom announced their upcoming Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 wouldn’t be appearing on the Switch, or that they have no plans as of then to port the title. Additionally, there had been some concerns about Monster Hunter Double Cross being localized westward. The Nintendo Switch is finally region free, but no one wants to import a game if they don’t have to do so.

No Rockman.png

My wish list or most unlikely to be ported by Capcom

Well, minus Monster Hunter Double Cross, hoping that it gets localized. The majority of this list includes games that are multi platform. However, It would be great if these could be scaled to the Nintendo Switch.

  1. Rockman Classics Collection 2 / Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 (PC, XBONE, PS4)
  2. Marvel vs Capcom Infinite (PC, XBONE, PS4)
  3. Monster Hunter World (PC, XBONE, PS4)
  4. Street Fighter V (PC/PS4)
  5. Ultra Street Fighter IV (PC, PS4, X360, PS3, XBONE Backward Compatability)



Unless Capcom has other ideas… Like unique Nintendo Switch Games

I could be down with the Nintendo Switch getting unique titles. However, I would love to see a proper Mega Man X collection on the switch (including the PSX games if possible). A proper collection for the Nintendo Switch would be amazing for Nintendo fans. Sony fans will probably already know many X games (excluding X1 and X2 unless emulation is involved) can be played on Sonys PSP and VITA platforms.


Arc System Work & Bandai Namco Support

  1. Xenoverse 2 has been confirmed for Nintendo Switch.
  2. Arc System Work has confirmed a BlazBlue title in development for Switch.
  3. Dragon Ball FighterZ may see a Switch release upon Xenoverse 2’s success.

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