MegaManZero, Jane Foster (Female Thor), Miles Morales (Spider-Man) confirmed as alternate costumes for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite? New MVCI Variant Covers Released!

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Shared via reddit’s r/mvci new Marvel vs Capcom Infinite variant covers have been released and tease more of the game’s confirmed roster and possible alternate costumes for the cast! Previous article containing variant covers and roster leak information, below I’ve added all the released covers so far, as of 7/30/2017.

All variant covers released so far (click to zoom/save)

As you can see from the first two images, the ones containing Jane Foster (female Thor), and Zero’s future self (MegaManZero), and the second cover which shows Miles Morales Spider-Man, these actually maybe alternate costumes… However, Thor already has a warrior Thor alternate costume that has been confirmed via the first story mode trailer. Could Jane Foster end up being a future character?


Previously, Marvel vs Capcom 3 director, Ryota Niitsuma, stated they wanted to have MegaManZero as an alternate costume for Zero but ended up choosing Mega Man X as the alternate costume due to fans demanding X as a roster inclusion, that didn’t happen as we all know.

Confirmed Variants, Pre-order DLC | Deluxe Edition

Speculation aside, we do however know that the game will contain some pretty elaborate alternative costumes or skins. All skins are available in the Deluxe Edition (Physical or Digital on all platforms: PS4, STEAM, XboxOne) while only two can be obtained via standard edition pre-order (Ryu’s and Thor’s). Confirmed below is:

  1. Warrior Thor
  2. Evil Ryu
  3. Gladiator Hulk
  4. Command Mission Mega Man X


Details from Steam (click to zoom)



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