Firebrand (Ghosts ‘n Goblins) & Dormammu (Dr.Strange) Official Revealed for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite via MVCI Twitter

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@marvelvscapcom (the Official Twitter of the game Marvel vs Capcom Infinite) has official revealed Firebrand and Dormammu for the game. However, I might say they have only just officially teased or hinted at the two characters inclusion because there isn’t any new footage showing them off. Honestly, I’m a bit disappointed because most diehard’s, those who are following the leaks, already knew or had speculated about their inclusion. Meaning we knew of their arrival and have been eagerly waiting for footage of the characters in action. Many of the returning veterans from Marvel vs Capcom 3 have had move-set changes, additional special attacks added or even new hyper combination attacks added to their move lists.

Strider Hiryu, another returning veteran also has a new hyper combo. Brionac, a new aerial Lv.1 Hyper Combo


For example, Zero a returning veteran from Tatsunoko vs Capcom, Marvel vs Capcom 3, and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 has had his buster cancel change into a range of new attacks for the character. Strider, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man and many others have had a host of changes which many players are looking forward to. Most of all, characters like Strider Hiryu can be played on point and isn’t treated like a gimmick character, ala Dark Phoenix.

Firebrand & Dormammu had been included in the “Zip File Leak”

The characters revealed today, via mvci’s twitter, have been included in a crossover variant cover for the comic series “Spider-Man/Deadpool” on issue #20. This cover, and many more, have been well distributed via twitter, event hubs, NeoGAF, and Reddit. If you have been following this game you’ve already seen this cover and others. I even wrote an article, a few actually, covering these covers and speculating on potential roster DLC and alternate costumes. Initially, I had even anticipated these characters being revealed at San Diego Comic Con (SDCC 2017) alongside Spider-Man, Nemesis, Frank West, and Mike Haggar. The Zip File Leak is 100% true and today’s post, and SDCC 2017, prove it further.


Looking forward to more gameplay, I need to see Dormammu Soon!


Dormammu Firebrand will be at Gamescom August 22, 2017


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