Capcom Announces Resident Evil Revelations Collection for Nintendo Switch Releasing Late 2017

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News via Gonintendo, Capcom has announced a release of both Resident Evil Revelation games (Resident Evil Revelations & Resident Evil Revelations 2) dubbed “Resident Evil Revelations Collection” that will be releasing later this year. This collection will contain one cartridge, including the first game, and one digital code to download the second entry in the series. It sounds like the second game won’t have a physical release. Both games will be made available for $39.99, however you can buy each separately, digitally, for $19.99 each.

Initially Resident Evil Revelations Released in 2012 on the 3DS


Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 actually got me into Resident Evil

Resident Evil: Revelations released in 2012 on the Nintendo 3DS. Initially, I beat the game on the 3DS before playing the Wii U re-release in 2013. Personally, this was actually my first dive into the Resident Evil franchise, after being exposed to characters like Wesker and Jill in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. I had not been interested in the series till after playing UMVC3 and falling in love with the characters in that medium. I was really glad that I gave the series a chance and eventually got into the re-releases of Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil 5. I’m excited that this has been announced for Nintendo Switch and will defiantly be checking it out.

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