New Developer Update! Overwatch Summer Games 2017 Featuring Competitive Lucio Ball, New Skins, and Discounted Summer Game 2016 Skins For Purchase With In Game Credits

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PlayOverwatch has posted a new video detailing their upcoming Summer Games event in a new Developer Update hosted by Overwatch’s Director, Jeff Kaplan. As many already know, Overwatch has been receiving content and balance updates nearly monthly since it’s 2016 release. Aside from updates containing new characters and game types there have been seasonal updates with specific themes.  In 2016, during the Rio Summer Olympics, Overwatch received its first seasonal update which included new maps, new game types, and new skins. However, in 2017 we will be receiving the update with all the previous content plus additional skins, a new Lucio ball map, and a new competitive game mode for Lucio Ball.


The Overwatch Summer Games Update in 2016 contained a ton of in game items, but below I’ve detailed the skins you could obtain during the event.

  • Epic Skins (x6)
    • Mercy, Torbjörn, McCree, Widowmaker, D.Va, Genji
  • Legendary Skins (x6)
    • Tracer (x2), Lucio (x2), Zarya (x2)


Summary of the Developer Update for Overwatch’s Summer Games 2017

  • First seasonal update to benefit from the decreased duplicate item patch (lootbox rewards).
  • All skins can be purchased with in game credits (unlike last years event).
  • Summer Games 2016 Skins Return.
    • Returning Skins Discounted. I.E. Tracer’s Legendary down from 3000 to 1000 credits.
  • New skins, skins unique to Overwatch Summer Games 2017
    • No new skins for Roadhog
    • New Junkrat Legendary Skin
    • New Mercy Skin (Jeff Kaplans favorite skin, so far, for Mercy)
    • New Widowmaker Skin
    • New McCree Skin
  • Lucio Ball Returns
    • New Map for Lucio Ball in Sydney Australia
    • Can’t “Boop” Enemies in mode
    • Lucio’s Ultimate changed/reworked (moves faster, boop ability cool down shortened, jumps higher).
  • Lucio Ball Competitive Mode (3 Weeks Only during Summer Games 2017)
    • Three week Competitive Mode
    • Special Reward for placing after 10 games
    • Special Reward for placing in top 500 in your region.




I’m extremely excited for that Mercy Skin… Could it be that, long desired, Life Guard Mercy? I’m just waiting for the October, Junkenstein’s Revenge, event so I can try and get that Witch Mercy Skin again.


But how about that Console Reporting System? PS4 players are suffering! 😥


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