Street Fighter V Datamined by X-Kira Arcade Mode On The Horizon? Street Fighter V Arcade Deployment in Japan With Taito?

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street_fighter_v___sfv_logo_png_by_zeref_ftx-d9s3buzSRK, EventHubs, & NeoGAF sharing information datamined by “X-Kira”. The dataminer, X-Kira, has been known to find information in advance of an official release. I would imagine, giving X-Kira’s track record, that this information is true and is likely to be 100% credible. This situation is somewhat reminiscent to another Capcom title, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, which had leaks, via the Zip File Leak, which has turned out to be 100% true as well. Additionally, user Rikurikumore of reddits r/Kappa mentioned a possible Super Street Fighter V which would include modes such as; Arcade Mode, Extra Battle, PvE Modes, and New Critical Arts for characters, as well as leaking some MVCI information. However, Rikurikumore’s leak, X-Kira’s leak has footage and screen captures of what appears to be an arcade build of Street Fighter V for the Taito Type X system or some arcade system board.  (Link to documents here), also X-Kira’s facebook page.

SFV Arcade Mode

X-Kira’s datamine seems to include some of the same information Rikurikumore had stated in his leak

  • Arcade (New Mode?)
  • Extra Battle (New Mode?)
  • V-System (New Game Mechanics?)
  • New Stages (x2)
  • Weather Effects (Changes for new and existing stages?)
  • New Costumes (x4)
  • Preparation for Japanese Arcade Release

    Sample Slides from X-Kira’s datamine presentation

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Seems that fans might be in for some big news relatively soon!


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