Final Fantasy XV Comrades Multiplayer Beta Is Live! Use #FFXVComrades To Provide Feedback!

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Today, August 3rd 2017, marks the launch of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer Beta dubbed “Final Fantasy XV Comrades”. Final Fantasy XV released back on November 29, 2016 and has been steadily releasing content since then. However, the team has been looking forward to implementing a multiplayer aspect, involving character creation / avatar creation for a while.

Final Fantasy XV has always been a visually stunning game

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To access the beta you must be playing on PS4 or XboxOne and have access to the full game. Additionally, you will need to have acquired the Season Pass for your system of choice and access to PSN or Xbox Live. In my opinion it would have been great to be able to access the beta without a season pass or even making it free as a separate download, but I’m interested in this enough to pick up the season pass to try out the beta. Will have impressions soon!

Requirements to Access Beta

Give Feedback to the Devs by Using #FFXVComrades on Social Media!

XV Comrades


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