Gamescom Will Be Lit for Fighting Games | Latest Updated Builds for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite & Dragon Ball FighterZ | New Playable Characters At Event | DBFZ Rivalry With MVCI Is Good News!

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It’s no secret that both Namco & Capcom have a sort of friendly rivalry in the Fighting Game Market. However, it is true that the two have worked together on business projects and video games together. Most recently the two agreed to a business plan to help streamline online functionality in their fighting games by handling network development together.

Piccolo vs Strider MVCI DBFZ

However, Namco has cleverly decided to host its Dragon Ball FighterZ beta test right around Marvel vs Capcom Infinites release. Well, Namco is at it again, this time releasing news that Dragon Ball FighterZ will be at Gamescom with the latest build, now including new characters. This announcement was made right after the Marvel vs Capcom Infinite announcement of Firebrand & Dormammu being being added to a build for Gamescom.


Look, I don’t hate or favor one game over the other, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite vs Dragon Ball FighterZ. I’m actually extremely excited for both as seen here and here (live reactions videos to Dragon Ball FighterZ and Marvel vs Capcom Infinite reveals). However, I firmly believe competition drives innovation. Capcom, for many years, was the undisputed king of Fighting Games. Capcom even revived the modern Fighting Game scene and fueled the growth of the FGC and Fighting Game related Esports. If it wasn’t for this, and other Fighting Game developers who want to keep making games, then we wouldn’t have this influx of Fighting Games today. Honestly, developers had to push out better products to keep up, and in many ways–now overthrow, Capcom.

Frieza vs Jedah Dohma MVCI DBFZ

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite’s Marketing and Presentation Are A Bit Mediocre

A small, very negative, part of me wants to side with the idea that Capcom is pushing this out the door for quick and easy bucks. However, another part of me feels that, while in a financial bind, Capcom took the opportunity to collaborate with Marvel when they could, disregarding the possible financial setback, as licensing for Marvel is probably extremely costly and hard to negotiate… (see how Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 updates and content went, basically none). Additionally, given the fact Street Fighter V has continued to perform poorly (as far as Capcoms financial goals) I’m shocked that a New Marvel vs Capcom (Marvel vs Capcom 4) even was green lit. However, Disney Marvel might have a lot to gain by licensing their properties for Video Game use, especially using the “Games as a Service” model.

That said, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite has some amazing gameplay. The gameplay looks to be the most frantic, non-casual friendly, Marvel vs Capcom yet. It’s crazy how people, casuals or those who aren’t in the know, bash the easy hyper combo, auto combo options (which can be turned off) not knowing how deep the gameplay actually is. It’s very hard to grasp from the Story Mode Demo, but the game is quite deep and offers this layer of freedom whereby you can almost dream up combo scenarios and many of them work! Playing at E3 I found it very difficult to stop playing and I honestly hope that Capcom releases a second demo, a Marvel vs Capcom Infinite VS Demo, for home use… Maybe a network beta of their own?

Trunks vs Zero MVCI DBFZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ Came 12 Years Late But At A Very Interesting Time, Maybe The Best Possible Time

Overlooking the amazing fan created game Hyper Dragon Ball Z, the last time Dragon Ball fans had access to a traditional Fighting Game with the Dragon Ball IP was in the Arcade to PS2 classic Super Dragon Ball Z. Developed by Arika published by BandaiNamco, this was by far my favorite Dragon Ball Fighting Game, again overlooking Hyper Dragon Ball Z which is non-official. Arc System Works and BandaiNamco finally partnered and delivered on something many fans have been asking for, asking for well over a freaking decade. The game was announced, frankly, during a time where Capcom has been “off their game”, or many consumers feel Capcom could be producing more quality titles… An example of what I mean, not going into Street Fighter V, is Capcom’s lackluster and overpriced Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers for Nintendo Switch. Many consumers, myself included, felt that Capcom has been putting out the bare minimum, lower quality products and asking for a premium price. I enjoy Capcom’s products, purchase the ones I feel that I will enjoy, many times disregarding the price when I buy them because I’m a long time Capcom fan, that consumer loyalty at work. However, I can understand and clearly see why many consumers are disappointed and want Capcom to be challenged by competition, challenged in hopes that they will improve as a developer and publisher of Video Games.

Buu vs Thanos MVCI DBFZ

Lastly, I will mention that Arc System Work’s Dragon Ball FighterZ seems to be largely inspired by the Marvel vs Capcom franchise, even if some of the things it does has been done before in previous games by Arc System Works; like Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butoden & Dragon Ball Z Super Sonic Warriors; here’s a write up of Dragon Ball FighterZ mechanics.

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Gamescom  2017 Will Feature Marvel vs Capcom Infinite & Dragon Ball FighterZ latest builds

Both SRK & EventHubs have posted details on the event. Gamescom will take place from August 22nd to August 26, 2017 in Cologne Germany. Attendees are likely to play builds that could possibly include the following characters:

  • Dragon Ball FighterZ | Gamescom 2017 Roster (Speculative)

    1. Goku
    2. Gohan
    3. Vegeta
    4. Future Trunks * (Cell Saga)
    5. Perfect Cell
    6. Frieza
    7. Majin Buu
    8. Piccolo *
    9. Krillin *
  • Marvel vs Capcom Infinite | Gamescom 2017 Roster (Speculative)

  1. Capcom – Strider Hiryu
  2. Capcom – Arthur
  3. Capcom – Frank West
  4. Capcom – Chris Redfield
  5. Capcom – Mega Man X
  6. Capcom – Zero
  7. Capcom – Nemesis
  8. Capcom – Dante
  9. Capcom – Ryu
  10. Capcom – Spencer
  11. Capcom – Chun Li
  12. Capcom – Morrigan Aensland
  13. Capcom – Firebrand / Red Arremer *
  14. Capcom – Mike Hagger
  15. Capcom – Jedah Dohma *
  16. Marvel – Rocket Raccoon
  17. Marvel – Dr.Strange
  18. Marvel – Hawkeye (Clint Barton)
  19. Marvel – Ultron
  20. Marvel – Gamora
  21. Marvel – Spider-Man
  22. Marvel – Iron Man
  23. Marvel – Thanos
  24. Marvel – Nova (Richard Rider)
  25. Marvel – Hulk
  26. Marvel – Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)
  27. Marvel – Thor
  28. Marvel – Captain America (Steve Rogers)
  29. Marvel – Dormammu *

Could we see Monster Hunter, Ghost Rider, Venom, or anyone else from the Zip File Leak?


Another Potential Event That Could Debut Information is on 8/5/17 at PSX17SEA

Personally, I’m just extremely excited that we will get more Marvel vs Capcom Infinite direct capture with Firebrand and Dormammu. However, maybe Dragon Ball FighterZ will be available for direct capture as well since it could possibly be the same build they will use for the upcoming Dragon Ball FighterZ beta. It’s a great time to be a fan of Fighting Games, so much competition and so many games. I will be covering everything that interest me and I hope both of these games end up doing incredibly well because they end up deserving the praise. Lastly, I will say…

Seriously, Namco, The True Marvel vs Capcom Killer Would Be A Jump Crossover With Dragon Ball FighterZ Mechanics & Gameplay3v3 Shounen Jump!!! Namco, Please, Are You Listening? Please?


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