Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Presentation At Playstation Experience 2017 – South East Asia (MvC:I @ PSX 2017) 8/5/2017

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Over on reddit’s r/mvci (and NeoGAF)  there has been a post made about a Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Presentation during the South East Asia Play Station Experience Event.  The 45 minute presentation at PSX 2017 in South East Asia is scheduled for August 5th. Fans may know of the upcoming Gamescom in Cologne Germany which has been confirmed to show off Firebrand and Dormammu for Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite.

Event Details via the Official PlayStation Asia Facebook Page

Playstation Asia

Could the event show off new characters Firebrand and Dormammu? Fans have been waiting to see more footage of Jedah Dohma as well, along with the rest of the possible roster from the Zip File Leak. However, some are speculating that we could possibly witness a Monster Hunter, Hunter, reveal as the producers of Monster Hunter: World will also be in attendance with the producers of Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite.

Monster Hunter: World Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto will be at PSX 2017MHW1

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Producers Tomoaki Ayano & Kansuke Sakurai will attend the event as wellMVCI1

Map of Event And Schedule


Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Won’t Be Alone As Dragon Ball FighterZ Will Also Be At PSX 2017

This might be the first playable build on the Playstation 4 Platform. At E3, Evo, and SDCC all versions of Dragon Ball FighterZ have been XboxOne versions of the game. For obvious reasons it would be likely that this event will have a copy of the game for Playstation 4. However, will this be the same build as the Gamescom version? Will fans be treated to new information or new character footage?



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