New Pokken Tournament DX Gameplay Mega Charizard, Pikachu, and More

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New Pokken Tournament DX footage has been released via the Official Pokemon Channel. Honestly, It’s a great time to be a fan of Fighting Games as there are so many coming to market. It’s no secret that I’m largely excited for Pokken Tournament DX, especially after enjoying the first game on the Nintendo Wii U. Initially I felt upset and confused when the game hit arcades in Japan and took months before we received a solid Wii U confirmation, one most fans had anticipated or expected. However, some Pokemon fans are actually upset at the announcement of Pokken Tournament DX, the game was initially announced during the pre E3 2017 Pokemon Direct.

Regardless, that’s all passed and now we can look forward to an updated version of the game, one which includes some characters that had been arcade exclusives. Additionally Nintendo and Hori plan to re-release the Hori Pokken Tournament controller, the Wii U one already works on the Nintendo Switch.

Pokken Tournament DX Launches for Nintendo Switch on September 22nd


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