Why Doesn’t My Block Button Work? Doomfist Now Available For Competitive | Players Getting Rushed Down & Bodied

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Jeff Kaplan and the Overwatch team sure know how to make a game that just keeps on giving. If Season 5’s Dive Comp hasn’t got you down or you are just looking for a reason to pick up Overwatch now is a great time, because not only has a new character been released, Doomfist initially released July 27th, but the next upcoming event is only a few days away; Overwatch’s 2017 Summer Games arrive August 8th 2017. So now is a great time to get some matches in the arcade to build up credits with lootboxes for the upcoming skins included in the next big event.

However, the big news, for me, comes with the fact Doomfist is now available for selection in competitive matchmaking.

@PlayOverwatch officially announced Doomfist for Competitive Play on all platforms (PC, PS4, XboxOne)


Doomfist is extremely technical, very reminicent of Genji Shimada and is a 3 Star Hero


Doomfist is an incredibly technical character and draws a ton of influence from Fighting Games, especially with his combo focused play style. Doomfist can even perform “Cross-ups” by using Seismic Slam to fly by an opponent and quickly spin around, ala Genji’s Double Jump Pivoting while Dragon Blading enemies, to hit the enemy from behind. Cross-ups in fighting games are situations players can initiate by forcing their opponent into a situation whereby they cannot block the incoming attack, usually done by jumping over the opponents hit box while attacking in a way that causes the blocker to be hit from both sides thus opening them up. However, In Doomfist’s case, if the Seismic Slam Cross-up is done successfully and you follow up with Rocket Punch that causes the enemy to fly into a nearby wall then you probably have gotten an easy kill, thus the opponent was free by the time you’d crossed them up.


I’ve played over 2 hours of Competitive with Doomfist and feel he actively challenges Season 5’s Dive Comp

I’ve already spent a couple of hours with him in Competitive Overwatch. In my opinion, it would seem there isn’t a huge rush to play him in competitive, in my experience if he’s autolocked players will usually switch off after a few deaths. However, I feel that he is extremely strong this season, knock on wood that he won’t be nerfed on live anytime soon, and shakes up the Dive Comp by being able to completely destroy over extending Winston’s and D.Va’s.


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Doomfist’s uniqueness comes from the fact that he has such high mobility and raw power, in close range scenario he thrives. He can boop enemies, launch enemies into the air, and just be an overall nuisance by disorienting players. But most of all, Doomfist can be extremely lethal when all his combos connect or by launching squishies into walls. I feel that doomfist forces players to group up and punishes support characters who get left behind while disrupting tanks, yet not being an easy target for tanks to kill (unlike Genji, Tracer, and Sombra). Last night I had a ton of situations where I could punish a pursing Symmetra. I’ve seen Symmetra, with her shield, chase and kill Lucio’s, Mercy’s, Genji’s and even 76’s.  However, with Doomfist not only can he knock her back, but if he charges Rocket Punch and knocks Symmetra into a wall, she is DONE.



If you are playing Overwatch give Doomfist a shot. The character, like all of Overwatch’s characters, seems to have been created with love and detailed attention. I got extremely excited when I saw Doomfist appear in articles on websites like Eventhubs and Shoryuken. Honestly, I just can’t wait for Blizzard to dive into FGC Esports with their own fighting game…




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