MYRIANN Nintendo Switch Portable Dock Product Review | A Must Have If You Don’t Mind Sacrificing Your Original Nintendo Switch Dock

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My first official product review, finally! As you know, the Nintendo Switch launched a few short months ago and comes bundled with the standard Nintendo Switch dock which allows the unit to display to TV’s and monitors via HDMI output. However, I found myself really disliking the initial design of the dock due to its bulky aesthetic, hating its design even before its launch on March 3rd during its teaser reveal. Additionally, upon release, and spending hours fused to the couch and only turning and re-positioning to avoid bedsores due to my Breath of the Wild binge sessions, I realized my Switch was overheating in the original Nintendo Switch Dock.

Again, shortly after release, it was well-known that a small number of units had warped due to overheating in Nintendo Switch Docks. Although I purchased two Nintendo Switch units, I wanted to do everything in my power to keep sessions shorter and keep my, active and in use, Nintendo Switch in a well ventilated area. I’ve actually not begun to game regularly, for long sessions (over 2 hours) since I came to the realization my Nintendo Switch was overheating in its dock, judging by the increasing speed of the internal fan which is extremely loud for such a small, handheld, system. However, since purchasing the Myriann Nintendo Switch Portable Dock I’ve gone back to enjoying longer sessions without fear of my Nintendo Switch overheating, just recently streamed Mighty Gunvolt Burst to its completion. Lastly, below I’ve also included an article detailing my initial impressions for the dock. Now, on to the review!

Previous article containing my first impressions 2.MYRIANN

My Review

Unboxing The MYRIANN Nintendo Switch Portable Dock

Upon receiving the Myriann Nintendo Switch Portable Dock, purchased off Amazon, I was a little underwhelmed by it’s simple packaging and was worried the DIY dock wouldn’t include solid instructions. I was a bit fearful that I would be left to searching the internet for guides or video tutorials by unboxing channels or other Nintendo fan channels who might’ve purchased this dock. Fortunately, my worries and doubts had been cast aside when I realized the package contained all the necessary parts, tools including small philips and tri-wing screwdrivers, as well as a QR code that links you to the assembly video. I just scanned the QR code using an app on my mobile phone and was prompted with the youtube assembly video seen here by Etradecenter 2012



The Myriann Nintendo Switch Portable Dock was extremely easy to assemble. Honestly, the more difficult part, which isn’t really difficult at all, was disassembling the original Nintendo Switch Dock. The entire process will probably take someone 8 to 10 minutes to complete. I actually recorded my experience and plan to upload it to my youtube channel soon, once the link is up I will update the article with a video review and assembly video.  Anyone can do this, if you’ve assembled any furniture from Ikea or Amazon, built a computer, put together any exercise equipment with a guide, or opened any console for mods, you can do this, like I said anyone can do this.


Final Product

Once the unit is put together you can discard your old dock. I must commend MYRIANN for including the tools and extra screws, they really came in handy. The finished product looks extremely light, clean, and saves on space which is a huge plus. Honestly, I think the Nintendo Switch, on parade, out in the open really compliments the aesthetic of my gaming collection.



Images of the Dock, Click to Zoom

Overall the dock is pretty much perfect. I have multiple positive things to say about the dock with only a few cons, none of which are enough to not recommend the device. For me this is a must buy, provided you are okay with completely ditching the original, clunky Nintendo Switch Dock, by way of disassembly; for the Myriann Nintendo Switch Portable Dock

  • Pros

    • The Myriann Dock includes both tri-wing and Philips Screwdrivers.
    • The Myriann Dock has much butter airflow for the Nintendo Switch System
    • The Myriann Dock is light weight and can easily fit into a pocket.
    • The Dock firmly holds the Nintendo Switch in place, won’t tilt of fall over.
    • Aesthetically superior when compared with the original, bulky, Nintendo Switch dock
    • Price point is a seller, extremely cheap.
    • Easy to disassemble the old dock and add the internals into the Myriann Dock following their video tutorial.
  • Cons

    • Dock cannot be used as a stand when the power cable is plugged in. Unable to charge while playing in portable mode/docked
      • This is because the converter on the board will automatically switch to TV mode when the dock has power.
    • When the Switch isn’t docked and multiple wires are plugged into the dock it can be easily moved since it’s so light.
      • Would have been awesome if you could add weight to it somehow.
    • A constructed dock isn’t available to purchase from them, disassembly of the original dock might turn off some consumers
      • But I will add that it’s extremely simple and you shouldn’t let that aspect deter you from considering this dock.

MYRIANN Nintendo Switch Portable DIY Replacement Dock Mount Case with Type C/HDMI/USB Jack Incision without Electronics for Nintendo Switch-BlackMYRIANN DOCK REVIEWAmazon Link


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