Another Zip File Leak Character 100% Confirmed For Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite | Do Fans Know The Entire Roster Already?

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On 8/8/17 MVC:Infinite tweeted the new variant cover for Marvel’s Defenders which includes an image of Marvel’s Ghost Rider battling Capcom’s Morrigan Aensland. Thus confirming another character on the Zip File Leak roster. Just recently the official Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite twitter announced Dormammu & Firebrand, more returning Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 characters, for MVC:Infinite and would be playable at the upcoming Gamescom in Cologne Germany from August 22nd through August 26th. Unfortunately, a huge pet-peeve of mine, there isn’t a gameplay trailer for this or the previous reveals. Honestly, I’m under the impression that we might not get anymore “character trailers“, ala UMVC3, and I’m just hoping we get a third story mode trailer with the upcoming gameplay we will be getting at Gamescom. Hopefully Gamescom allows for direct capture for MVC:I, like EVO 2017 and San Diego Comic Con 2017 before this, and some hardcore FGC or Youtube Streamers get juicy footage for us who won’t be in attendance. Surely, we are bound to see shaky cam footage and photos hit twitter the day of the event but direct capture is the best.

“Your wiles won’t work on me, succubus.”

Defenders Marvel vs CapcomSee All Released Variant Covers Here

Returning, from 2011’s Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 is Ghost Rider, very much like Spider-Man and other returning veterans many are hoping he plays much better and has additional special attacks and hyper combo finishers. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3’s Ghost Rider also had some of the best quotes and character interactions in the game. From taking shots at both Lilith and B.B. Hood, of Capcom’s Darkstalkers fame, to threatening Dante, Vergil, Wesker and even telling the Mighty god of Thunder himself, Thor, that he would be his Ragnarok; Ghost Rider had a ton of lore in his character interactions and in-game quotes. Perhaps my favorite was “Do you have any idea how many lawyers are in Hell?” said to Capcom’s Phoenix Wright, sadly another character absent from Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite.  Personally, I’m hoping even outside of the Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite cinematic story mode characters still have witty banter and direct interactions before and after fights, currently it seems only point characters communicate with the opponents point character before and after a fight. However, I’m hoping, like UMVC3 before this, the jokes and witty dialog run deep into the lore and background of these characters and their respective series and franchises.

UMVC3 Ghost Rider Quotes & Character Interactions

This is great news for Ghost Rider fans. Personally I’m not a huge fan of the character and would prefer to see someone like the Marvel’s Punisher or even Blade enter the franchise. However, I’m glad many of the returning characters have a fan base and the characters have always been retooled to include new special attacks and hyper combos for this new iteration. Honestly, I can understand the UMVC3 2.0 jokes but many have taken for granted how these new characters act and play in this new system. Additionally, I understand where this dissatisfaction is coming from especially when you consider the reaction games like Super Smash Bros. had when Cloud and Bayonetta had been announced as new additions. Hell, even Capcom’s Mega Man and Ryu caused the internet to implode when they had been revealed. Namco even turned up the heat by announcing Akuma and Geese Howard for Tekken 7, both seemingly coming out of left field. Regardless, I’m still excited for MVC:Infinite and will be covering the game on this site and my youtube channel, stay tuned.

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