New Developer Update! Never say Never Because Overwatch Will Feature Free For All Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, With A Scoreboard And New & Modified Maps | This is Freaking Huge!

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Doomfist just launched and the Summer Games for 2017 just began and Jeff Kaplan is back with more announcements! Jeff Kaplan just posted a video to PlayOverwatch, the official youtube channel for Overwatch, to announce two new upcoming modes for the Arcade which are live on the Public Test Region (PTR) for PC players.

Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch are coming to Overwatch and are live on the PTR

Honestly, this is huge. Over a year ago, when Overwatch was having its beta on Console & PC, I noticed right away that the game lacked a traditional deathmatch mode. Coming from other traditional First Person Shooters, such as Call of Duty or Halo, I had been much more used to playing with teams where the only objective was to eliminate the enemy team and score more kills than them.  In fact, for a while, I had assumed the team based nature of the game would grow old, capturing objectives and moving payloads was an idea that I thought would get old. However, I’ve been a pretty dedicated Overwatch player, playing since before its official launch on XboxOne, PS4, and PC.

Players have been asking for Deathmatch since Overwatch’s infancy, the answer was always “No”, so this announcement seems almost completely out of left field.

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