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Late Thursday evening, the Official Sonic The Hedgehog Twitter and Youtube posted a brand new video which was in direct response to the Sonic Mania leaks by gamers who obtained early copies of the game from retailers breaking the street date.


This situation, unfortunate or not, could only happen on the Nintendo Switch version of the game. Currently, the Nintendo Switch eshop has no known limit for games being downloaded early if downloaded with a redemption code, as the base game nor its collectors edition had a physical version, Sonic Mania is purely a digital product at this point in time. So even if users got collectors editions for XboxOne or PS4 they could enter the code but not download the game to play it early.

In Response The Official Channels Revealed The Opening Cinematic Animated By Tyson Hesse


Was Sonic Mania Delayed To Add These Cinematic Extras?

These animated scenes are directly inspired by the Japanese Sonic CD animations by Toei Animation. I’m extremely happy that they went with this style over the animation, art style, of the 90’s Sonic cartoons in the states. I remember the first time I got to play Sonic CD for Windows PC in the late 90s, these scenes changed my opinion of the character and how he should be depicted in other media (cartoons, comic books etc). Sonic Mania truly looks to be the long lost sonic game we should have gotten after Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

Remember the Hard-Boiled Heavy Animation Which Leaked on Tumblr?


In the case of these animations, are both in the game or did they decide to change the animation a bit to feature another Hard-Boiled Heavy? The Hard-Boiled Heavies are a group of antagonist Egg-Robos created by Dr.Eggman. They look very similar to the Eggrobo featured in the Sky Santuary Zone in S3&K and Sonic R, but they seem much more menacing and could carry a much more active role as stage bosses rather than mid bosses.

The Hard-Boiled Heavies Look To Be A Step Up From The Standard Egg-Robos of S3&K and Sonic R


All of these little details added with the fact we keep getting animated cinematic cut scenes really make Sonic Mania shine as an example of how to properly market the character. I grew up playing S3&K, Classic Sonic games, and with Modern Sonic games before I reached adulthood. I say that to say that I have a strong appreciation for both but seeing Sonic animated, in-game, and in these cut scenes really move me and increase my anticipation for this title. I’m glad Sonic Mania was delayed, I believe it was delayed twice. Sonic Mania launches August 15th, 2017 and I couldn’t be more excited to play the game!


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