Ōkami HD Remaster for PS4/XBONE Could “Interest” In Okami HD (2017) Bring Us Amaterasu for MVC:I? Previously Okami 2 Had Been Teased By Kamiya

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Kotaku and Gematsu reporting a possible Okami HD Remaster with a winter release date for Playstation 4 and Xboxone. The game was spotted in two independent retail chain’s systems for release on December 12th, 2017. The assumption is that it will be an updated, high definition, remaster of the PS3 Okami title dubbed Ōkami Zekkei-ban or Ōkami Magnificent Version which released in Japan physically and digitally.

Cliffs: Okami PS4, An HD Port of An HD Port

However, Hideki Kamiya hinted at a possible Okami 2 and Bayonetta 3 last summer and it could end up becoming a reality if it is still something he wishes to work on. Unfortunately, Okami was created by the now defunct Clover Studio‘s. Clover, at one time an independent studio funded by Capcom,  worked on a great number of titles featuring many characters people still love and cherish today.

GodHand Okami Viewtifuljoe Clover Studio

Characters such as God Hand’s Gene, and Viewtiful Joe. These are also some of the more popular and top requested Capcom characters for the Vs series. Viewtiful Joe appeared in Tatsunoko vs Capcom and both Marvel vs Capcom 3 iterations. However, Gene, unfortunately, has yet to make an appearance… Regardless, I believe that while these characters may seem forgotten they can have a resurgence if the community is loud enough and the interest is there; see how Phoenix Wright ended up in UMVC3 or Mega Man X as the poster child for MVC:I, all because of fan demand!

Phoenix Wright Ended Up In UMVC3 & Mega Man X as The Poster Child for MVC:I Due To Fan Demand

Interest, interest is the key word here. I’ll be frank, we all should know that gaming companies are in it for big business, they are not trying to make friends; however, they should still do whatever is necessary to maintain customer loyalty or at least make their recurring consumers happy. Because when they do, keeping their customers happy, it usually pays off for them in the end. Games are only beneficial to the consumer for their entertainment value, if the consumers aren’t happy with the quality of the product, or not fully entertained, they eventually will stop buying your product. Also, there is the other issue of “interest”…

We are Holding Your Favorite Franchise & Favorite Character Hostage… Unless You Buy This Remake!

A very good, recent example of this is the situation with BandaiNamco on Dragon Ball FighterZ for Nintendo Switch. Producer Tomoko Hiroki stated that they would consider porting the game to Nintendo Switch if there is interest in the Dragon Ball Franchise on the Nintendo Switch Platform, but right now they are focusing on “Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2” on Nintendo Switch…  Hint Hint *Wink Wink*.




Many times, for fighting games, characters are selected due to popularity and marketability. Honestly, this is why I fear we would never see a Power Stone character in a modern fighting game unless that franchise was planned to be revived. However, a more likely scenario, would be to see the return of Batsu or another Rival Schools / Project Justice character in either the VS series or Street Fighter. My rational is because the universe for Rival Schools is shared with the Street Fighter Universe, similar to how we see an influx of Final Fight characters in Street Fighter. Additionally, Batsu already has a easy enough move-set to translate to MVC:I as he was in Tatsunoko vs Capcom…

A Reason Why People Didn’t Understand The Lack of Mega Man Volnutt In MVC3

Do you want Ammy or Viewtiful Joe To Return In Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite?


Unfortunately, it seems we may already know the entire launch roster for Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite. However, Gamescom is just around the corner and we could be in for some more surprises. Hopefully MVC:I will be supported for a couple of years and we see the entire cast of UMVC3 return with a mixture of new characters. Honestly, MVC:I, with the fact Marvel wants to support the “Games As A Service” business model, I can image a modern Marvel vs Capcom 2 scenario with 56 plus characters. Just make it a 3D model dump of broken crazy characters and deep lore driven interactions. Lastly, let’s just get a couple more female representatives… okay? Right now it’s looking like Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Sausage Fest featuring Gamora, Captain Marvel, Morrigan, & Chun Li


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