Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Alternate Costume’s Revealed In Montage

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MVCI Pre-order Bonus

Today September 8th, only eleven days away from Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite’s full retail release, the community was given a preview into some of the alternate costumes that this release contains. However, like most games this generation, there’s a catch to obtaining these alternate costumes.  The standard edition, which retails on consoles for $59.99 USD, includes Warrior Thor and Evil Ryu as pre-order exclusive alternate costumes. However, it is unknown if this is time based or will be available for later, likely that they will be available later. The Deluxe edition contains all four, Gladiator/Planet Hulk and Command Mission Mega Man X and the prior two, along with the season pass which include characters like the Black Panther and Sigama from Mega Man X.

As I wrote in a prior article, the PC version of Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite’s standard edition retails for much less on CD Keys

Standard Edition Pre-order Bonuses

MVCI Standard Pre-Order Costumes

Deluxe Edition Pre-order Bonuses  (includes the season pass and all four costumes)MVCI Standard Pre-Order Costumes 2

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Pre-Order Costume Trailer


PS4 Exclusive, Major Carol Danvers

Additionally, via a cover released after the Story Mode Trailer #2 during E3 2017, Sony revealed that Playstation owners would have access to a Free Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel, skin which shows her out of her traditional super hero uniform and one of her in her military outfit.

However, I’d be lying if I didn’t hope for a Ms.Marvel outfit, as this was by far my favorite for the character.


Variant Covers and Potential Alternate Costumes

It’s interesting to speculate and wonder about other alternate costume choices. Will other costumes be available in-game day one? Potentially, I’m expecting a Mega Man Zero alternate costume for Zero as I wrote in a previous article. In fact, it would seem that one of the variant covers gives the idea away on its cover, showing Mega Man Zero facing off against other Marvel characters in the Mighty Thor Variant, see below.


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  1. It’s obvious that Zero’s alternate skin will be his MMZ variation now that his best friend, X is in the game. As for characters such as Frank West, it’s unknown what his new alternate skin will be for MvCI. Niitsuma was such an asshole towards Mega Man fans in general with UMvC3 by trolling them with the X costume for Zero. 😥


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