Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Review Copies (Digital) Given To Popular FGC Personalities, Abundant Streams, Tech Discovered, Glitches Found

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marvel_vs_capcom_infinite_logoMarvel vs Capcom: Infinite is less than seven days away, the game releases September 19th in the US and EU and September 21st for Japan. However, a week before release, Capcom has sent out digital review copies for key members in the FGC, and maybe more to other gaming news outlets. Streams have begun to appear on Twitch TV and the gameplay in the hands of many of these streamers is looking very impressive.

List of Active Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Streams on Twitch

MVCI SHILLGATE!? Well Not Likely, That’d be a crime…

Currently, at least Li Joe, Justin Wong, UMTyrant, FChamp, and Maximilian Dood, have early access to the game with permission from Capcom to stream Training and Vs Mode Only. Shillgate is in full effect, many have proclaimed these guys are shilling for MVCI. However, it’s extremely important to remember– If Capcom paid these streamers to promote the game, MVCI, and these streamers didn’t disclose they had been paid by Capcom to promote the game; they and Capcom would be committing a crime. See The FTC’s Endorsement Guidelines

Captain America says, “You’ll float too”.

Shown in Li Joe‘s stream was a bug causing Captain America to still retain his airborne momentum, or float, from his aerial shield slash. See in the video below…

Some fans, or followers of the game, mentioned that the game was full of bugs and thus criticized Capcom further. However, it’s important to remember that Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite is planned to be supported for the next couple of years. Remember the leaked E-sports proposal for Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite? It is possible that Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite will be supported till at least 2020 or beyond. Of course, we have to keep in mind that those plans could drop of the game performs badly or is unpopular with the FGC… However, that doesn’t seem to be the case as of yet.

Meanwhile, In Banco Land


Dragon Ball FigherZ Closed Beta codes have been sent out, to argue weather or not Capcom sent out early press copies to players to  turn attention away from FighterZ (unlikely) or weather or not Namco Bandai scheduled their Closed Beta to draw attention away from the release of Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite is up for debate. However, for us, the fighting gamer, we have a crap ton on our plates, stay fed my friends as we are in a fighting game deluge. Perhaps, I should suggest trying not to drown in your fight game backlog.

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  1. True that, my friend. These players are definitely not being paid by Capcom at all. I think that both games are very solid in their own right and I’m sure that the game will be supported with more DLC characters for the coming months and years. Those DBFZ fanboys need to really learn that it’s OK to like both games and stop calling Vs. series players “shills” for liking MvCI. Also, we’re said to be getting X-Men and Fantastic Four characters as DLC starting next year according to Ryce. 😃


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