Nintendo Direct | 9.13.17 – Did Youtube Accidentally Confirm Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch?

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September 13th, 2014 is when Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS launched in Japan. I was there, well… digitally.  Since then the game had been released for Nintendo Wii U but ever since the days of the “Nintendo NX”, now known as the Nintendo Switch, people have been speculating about a Super Smash Bros. port for the new handheld/console hybrid.


Rumors posted by, now largely scrutinized, SuperMetalDave and other leakers such as Emily Rogers, suggested a Smash port for the Switch long ago. With those rumors, we got rumors of enhanced Mario Kart 8, Splatoon, and Pokken Tournament. So far, with the exception of Splatoon which got a direct sequel (still, many argue that it is a bit shallow for a direct sequel) these rumors have turned out to be completely true. True enough for many gamers and fans to start speculating once again after the lack of a Smash Bros announcement at E3 2017.

Etika, personally my favorite Smash Streamer just due to his charisma alone, reacts to the speculation

Etika Tweet Direct

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch is what I needed yesterday


The last few Nintendo directs have been interesting, but my Switch hasn’t had much play outside of the recent Sonic Mania, which I now prefer to play on Nintendo Switch. Outside of the deluge of ports and indie titles, and while switch library quickly growing, not many of the titles truly interest me. Also many of the games that do interest me are generally ports, but they still interest me more on Switch because of the uniqueness of the console/handheld hybrid which has the ability to allow me to have a true console experience on the go, the main reason I truly loved the Playstation Vita, back in its day. The possibility of Dragon Ball FighterZ on the switch and the official confirmation of Resident Evil Revelations on the Switch already have me excited for late 2017 early 2018

Nintendo Direct 9.13.2017 at 3PM(PST)| 6PM(EST)


Official Nintendo Direct Archive, has all the previous directs and E3 press conference. At E3 2017, Nintendo largely impressed me with more Metroid news than I could handle. Just before it they announced a Pokemon Direct and confirmed Pokken Tournament for Nintendo Switch. Largely, I was happy and was okay with the announcements at the show. However, Smash for Switch would have been the main announcement I was looking for, well, only second to Metroid Prime 4 which was largely overdue. There is also rumors of an upcoming Fighting game starting Kirby for the 3DS which was not shown at E3, hopefully we get news of both of these things, Smash for Switch and Kirby, at the upcoming direct. We know the game isn’t “Kirby Fighters” which original came bundled in Kirby Triple Deluxe and was later released as a standalone title on the eshop. Maybe it is a direct sequel? If so, I hope the game feels more like a Smash game, a fighter, than a Kirby game emulating a fighter. Imagine something like One Piece Super Grand Battle X or Jump Ultimate Stars but with the Kirby cast?


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