Sonic Forces: Speed Battle Randomly Races To ISO Before Sonic Forces Console Release

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Sonic Stadium & TSSZ is reporting a new mobile Sonic game appearing on the IOS store dubbed “Sonic Forces: Speed Battle”, which seems to be a tie-in with the upcoming console game, Sonic Forces. Many companies have found success releasing mobile games that tie into or are related to upcoming console games to promote the mainline game; such as NRS (NetherRealm Studios) Injustice 1 & 2 and Mortal Kombat mobile games, that released just before their console counterparts.

Sonic Forces: Speed Battle seems to be a mix of Sonic Dash, another mobile Sonic game which mixes 3D Modern Sonic elements into a 3D racing/platformer, and maybe even Playstation Portable classic, Sonic Rivals. The game is a multiplayer racing game where players can disrupt and attack others via item pick-ups. Screenshots and gameplay follow…



Gameplay for Sonic Forces: Speed Battle

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