POSSIBLE SPOILERS! Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Full Season 1 Roster Leak, Stages, Unlockable Character In Game!

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Brought to my initial attention via Olaf, r/mvci has yet another new leak which claims to know details of each DLC character, the way they function mechanically, and the final unknown Capcom representative that some, myself included, speculated might be Devil May Cry’s Lady.

View the Leak Details Here At r/MVCI

Summary of the leak, the information included in the leak is claimed to be backed by two officials who worked on the production of Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite. The pair of unnamed individuals are not directly involved with the development team, but are affiliated somehow with the games production, and it is stated they have high hopes for the future of the game.

  1. Work on Downloadable Characters Began Mid August
  2. Season One (2017) Full DLC Roster
    1. Sigma, Black Panther, Monster Hunter, Venom, Winter Soldier, Gill (Street Fighter: 3rd Strike)
  3. DLC Release Cycle
    1. Two characters, released as a set, on a monthly basis. Sigma & Panther release October 3rd.
    2. All characters priced at $5.99 USD individually, or $9.99 USD as a pair
  4. Free DLC – Future DLC will focus on multiple infinity stone surges and infinity storms (assuming alternates for each stone?). Future modes, include an online tournament mode. (Also, possibly revealed in the E-Sports Proposal leaked by Capcom).
  5. X-Men vs Street Fighter – Additional Stages as DLC, one featuring a cross between Asteroid M (X-Men) and Shadaloo Base (Street Fighter), hint at X-Men vs Street Fighter theme DLC?
  6. No Dual Audio –  However, fan demand might change that. (No Japanese Voices)
  7. Developers Listening to Fan Feedback – No official characters named but X-Men, Fantastic 4, Captain Commando representation is being looked at (indirectly confirmed for Season 2?)
  8. Arcade Mode Details/ Unlockable Character – Eight stages, final boss consist of two phases against UltronSigma. One being the Unlockable Character, UltronSigma, and the other being a larger fusion caused by the full power of the stones; UltronOmega

Ultron Omega

View the Leak Details Here At r/MVCI

Additionally there is a breakdown of each Downloadable Character for Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Season 1 (2017)

Sigma (Mega Man X)


A highly mobile rush down character that has access to multiple dash and teleport options. Move set is based off Mega Man X1 & X2, with some aspects from Kaiser Sigma Armor from X3.

Hunter (Monster Hunter)


A damage dealer that uses a large category of different weapons from the Monster Hunter franchise to battle. Flash bombs, traps, barrel bombs are in her arsenal. Cosmetically, based off Rathalos Armor while her main weapon is the traditional Great Sword. Some weapons only appear in Hyper Combos and can call assistance from Palicoes and even summon Rathalos with a Hunting Horn.

Gill (Street Fighter)


A hard hitting character who can deal heavy amounts of damage thanks to his powerful normals. All special attacks from Street Fighter 3 are intact, including Seraphim Wing, his Lv3 Hyper Combo. Resurrection is intact and cost 3 bars, but once its used it cannot be used again for the rest of the match. Gill cannot be resurrected by the Soul stone.

Venom (Spider-Man)


Considered a brand new character as he is remade from scratch. However, still based on Eddie Brock Venom of old, retains alot of the techniques he had in earlier games plus several new abilities. Works best with characters who can cover his approach due to the lack of projectiles and average movement options.

Black Panther (Avengers)


A solid rush down character with a similar playstyle to X-23 and Sabretooth from previous games. The character revolves around opening up the opponent with quick and powerful attacks.

Winter Soldier (Avengers)


A character that uses a massive arsenal of weapons to fight. His gun weapons only have a certain amount of ammo per weapon, but as opposed to reloading like Chris Redfield, the Winter Soldier can throw weapons as projectiles which can be used to open up or extend combos.



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