X-Kira Datamined Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite’s Story Mode Demo | Possible Confirmed DLC

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A little skeptical about posting this one as X-Kira’s Facebook has been shut down, but here it goes…


X-Kira (Shinxkira) strikes again? A hacker, dataminer, largely popular for their predictions and leaks of Street Fighter V content, X-Kira has apparently datamined Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, the story mode demo specifically. X-Kira seems to have found a file representing the games CSS (character select screen). The image, discovered in the demo, seems to confirm 12 additional characters for the game in the upcoming months as downloadable content.


Additionally, another leak rumored to be from X-Kira as well, retweeted by “Latalefan1985” is shown below. This leak continues off the Zip File Leak by suggesting there will be at least three seasons of DLC, 2017, 2018, and 2019 each containing 6 characters per season. However, this one, apparently from X-Kira, suggest that Wolverine will be included in season 2. However, many are still wondering who the last Capcom rep will be for Season 1, the 2017 roster. Many have speculated that it might be Lady, popular from the Devil May Cry series as Dante is clearly lacking the “Kalina Ann” a weapon used in many combos from Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, which allows Dante to launch multiple tracking missiles at the opponent or harpoon them ala MK Scorpion style. This weapon, the Kalina Ann, is primarily used by Lady.

x-Kira Leak


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