PSA | You Can Still Get MVCI, On PC, On The Cheap! Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite for Steam

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Still on the fence about Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite? Own a capable PC, at minimum an i3-4160, 6GB of Ram, and a GTX480 or better? If Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite looks interesting enough to drop thirty bucks on, for the standard edition, then CDkeys might have a deal for you, at $27.29 USD!

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite CDkeys Deal

The digital, PC Steam, version is being offered on their site via key. They promise to deliver access to the game via key (for entry into steam to activate the game) on or before September 19th, the US release date for Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite. Seeing that the game is listed as an international version, it would seem all regions would have access to the game on the date listed.

Personally, I’ve used CDkeys in the past for a few PC titles and have had success with them, this seems like a totally viable way to enjoy the game without paying the $59.99 entry fee. Especially in an age where many titles, successful or not, tend to be marked down a few months after its initial release. Many gamers refuse to buy day one because of this trend.

See Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite System Requirements


Of course, seasoned fans of the MvC franchise and others much more excited and confident in this title might have purchased the Deluxe Edition or even the Collectors Edition which includes a few additional goodies and access to the Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite season pass, season pass for 2017 includes 6 new characters and access to 6 new alternative costumes/cosmetic skins.


Personally, I’m excited to dig into the Collectors Edition on Console and have access to the game on my PC via Steam. Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite launches September 19th, we are less than a week away!

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