Sonic Forces Is In The Wild, The Street Date Is Broken Yet Again Following Sonic Mania | Sonic Forces Early Release

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Hot off the heels of Nintendo’s successful launch of Super Mario Odyssey, SEGA’s Sonic franchise has had its street date broken yet again, this time weeks before it’s official release.

Sonic Forces Officially Releases November 7th on All Modern Platforms

PS4, XboxOne, Switch & PC

The user, Spooky Daniel, provided video evidence and promised to refrain from posting unmarked spoilers. However, he isn’t the only fan to receive a copy early along with Super Mario Odyssey, a friend of mine was also able to score the game early in Southern California — most likely at the usual so cal hot spot mom and pop game stores.

Nintendo’s Version of Sonic Mania Released Early On Switch Months Ago As Well

SEGA’s Sonic Forces Demo Left Some Fans Upset By Demo Limitations

SEGA released a demo of Sonic Forces in Japan, and only for Japan online apparently, which left fans feeling short-changed due to the demo enforcing a one minute gameplay limit. It would appear that the demo actually contains the full stages for each character you are allowed to play, being Modern Sonic, Classic Sonic (Sonic Mania Sonic?), and Custom Character. Below I’ve included a video of a prominent Sonic youtuber who is showcasing the demo, including its one minute limitation.

Personally, I’m excited and Will See If I can Pick Up A Copy Today As Well

I’ve been loosely following Sonic Forces over the past few months. Historically, I’ve been a fan of both classic Sonic and Modern Sonic games, with the exception being Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric and Sonic 06. Additionally, I’ve greatly enjoyed hedgehog engine titles such as Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Colors, and Sonic Generations — while largely having mixed opinions on titles like Sonic Lost World, which also used the hedgehog engine but with a heavily altered gameplay style.

Sonic Forces, at least to me, reminds me of what a Sonic Generations 2 could have been, except without returning to too many classic/historic sonic locations. I’m very interested in what Sonic Forces could bring to the table regarding story and lore and to see if it actually even acknowledges the story of Sonic Generations. Personally, I was a bit worried about potential drawbacks of the Nintendo Switch version, being that the game would be limited to 30FPS, but looking at some of the footage online of the Switch version, and remembering console versions of Sonic Generations ran at 30FPS, I’m not too worried anymore. Lastly, if I like the game I’m likely to pick up the PC version of the game as well which may not have a frame rate limitation or will at least run at a smooth 60FPS. Additionally, the game is retailing for $39.99 which also makes it easier to want to purchase day one.

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