Capcom Successfully Ships 900,000 copies of Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Will The Games Revenue Secure Future Support? | Capcoms Nintendo Switch Titles Perform Strongly As Well

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It’s just under two months since the release of Capcom’s and Marvel’s joint effort in the latest entry in the Marvel vs Capcom franchise; Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite. Overall, anecdotally, the game has been well received by many hard-core, FGC oriented, players; all the while many casual and long-time fans still have many issues with the title. These issues range from visuals, writing and execution of the story mode, and a few gimmicks that currently make a few characters, and infinity stones, drastically more powerful than the rest of the cast. Personally, I’m greatly enjoying my copies (all platforms) even if I share some cynicism that other casual fans have with the game; sinking over 168hours into the PC copy of the game with the majority of the time spent in online ranked mode. Regardless, Capcom has issued a public statement, investor focused, which highlight some of their recent fiscal accomplishments and future goals; Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite details are also included

“Favorable progress in line with full-year plan.” Capcom Co., Ltd.

Information comes from Capcom Investor Relations & Restera as of 11/6/2017;  Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is confirmed to have had 900,000 shipped with estimates of possibly 300,000 – 500,000 sold on all platforms since its release on September 19th, 2017.

Many have questioned if the game could have over shipped, suggesting that many games sell their largest numbers within its release window and that a multi-platform game (XboxOne, PlayStation4, PC/STEAM) should have sold much higher by now… In comparison, the digital only Cuphead has already sold over one million digital copies in just under two weeks with it only being on two platforms, XboxOne and PC/STEAM. Of course, anecdotally, you could factor in the price point between a $59.99 game vs a $19.99 but I believe there is more to it than that, press and the coverage of each game. I’d imagine Cuphead, along with Sonic Mania could easily end up being game of the year material. Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite has had such bad press and bad coverage in the media with seemingly only a few key FGC personalities and Streamers; i.e. Maximilian Dood, having good things to say and truly enjoying the game publicly.

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, in my honest opinion, has the potential to be the best entry in the franchise. The game truly has not been watered down or scaled back in chaos due to the tag mechanic which greatly enhances the possibilities of combo potential or protecting your own characters, increasing pressure, cause of the mechanic functioning—basically instantly. However, the presentation and the lack of key characters, X-Men and Doctor Doom, weigh heavily on long-time fans as these characters made this franchise what it was from the beginning. Regardless, Capcom states its infinite sales goal and its current status among other titles in their modern catalog.

For now, things seem decent but it’s important to see if the numbers remain the same in future quarters as to tell if the game is actually selling or if that 900,000 is just sitting to rot on shelves or sit in bargain  bins. (Personally, this game is totally worth playing so if you see it on sale give it a shot, Amazon is selling it for 39.99 currently).


Capcom Q2 Fiscal Report Summary (Key Information)

  • Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite = Shipped 900,000 copies since its 9/19 release
  • Monster Hunter Frontier Z = Performed steadily
  • Monster Hunter Explore = Has remained popular and profitable
  • Monster Hunter XX (Nintendo Switch) = stalwart performance, contributed to increased revenue for the company
  • Ultra Street Fighter II The Final Challengers = “Smash Hit”
  • Resident Evil 7 = successfully passed 4 million cumulative units shipped (possibly including Gold Edition Pre-order shipments)


900,000 Copies shipped translated into secured revenue for the game, is that enough to warrant future support? Seems at least for two seasons.

“…Because development cost are distributed over a title’s lifetime unit sales, in this case we recognized a portion of the total development cost proportionate to the 900K units sold in the first half of the fiscal year…”

It would seem that Capcom’s statement about the 900,000 copies shipped has contributed or at least covered a portion of their current development cost. Honestly, if we factor in that shaky rumor by Liam Robertson; Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite’s total budget was less than half the cost of SFV’s entire DLC budget–or something to that effect, then perhaps a majority of their development cost have already been recouped. Honestly, there is a growing trend in the gaming industry to sell a game then resell the same game bundled with DLC and updates a couple months later; nothing new to fans who picked up Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 or even to fans of EA Battlefront or Overwatch, not a complaint here just facts. Personally, I never buy a game day one unless I’m a huge fan of the development team or enjoy what that publisher releases, I don’t regret buying Infinite day one but I do want to feel as if my purchase(s) count as far as receiving future support for the title, something that fans of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 have been heavily jaded about.

My Personal, Growing, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Collection


Capcom’s Transparency Problem, Season 1 Confirmed, Season 2 Loosely Confirmed Via Leaks

We know Season 1 (Costume Pass, Sigma, Black Panther, Monster Hunter, Venom, Black Widow, Winter Soldier) has finally been officially confirmed via the official Marvel vs Capcom Infinite social media pages, and indirectly via the Zip file leak. However, Season 2 is more of a concern as there has been no official news of its existence since everything we know has come from multiple leaks, none of which can be 100% believed unlike the zip file leak, at least not 100% believed yet.


This is what we currently know about the upcoming DLC slots for Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, but without more direct information from Capcom; them continuing to be completely silent, we can’t confirm anything– some are not too happy about the current situation and the game continues to be the butt of jokes.



All I Want To Know Is…


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