WHENS VENOM? Leaks Are Happening And Confirm Marvel’s Toxin, Son of Carnage, as an Alternate Venom Costume, Red Anti-Venom?

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles confirmed for Injustice 2, Zack Fair loosely confirmed for DissidiaNoctis Lucis Caelum confirmed for Tekken 7 as a guest character—Fighting game news has gone freaking nuts this past week! The last time we had shockers like this, as far as guest characters go, was everything going into Sakurai’s Super Smash Bros—Cloud, Bayonetta, and Ryu. However, its no secret Namco is the king when it comes to guest characters.


With all this craze going on, us Marvel fans are still waiting for some upcoming news regarding the three upcoming DLC characters; Venom, Black Widow, and Bucky Barnes The Winter Soldier. If anything, by now, we should all know that characters sell games and possibly even more so than the gameplay within their games, look at ARMS, Splatoon, and Overwatch for example. However, Marvel fans don’t need to be reminded as many have held off on buying Infinite purely due to its presentation of their favorite characters or the lack of them entirely; the lack of X-Men and other Fox owned properties is seriously hurting the games image especially when you consider Marvel’s Contest of Champions and Marvel’s Future Fight all contain a large cast of X-Men and other Fox, cinematic owned, characters.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Needs Some Good Press For Once; A Little Transparency Would Go A Long Way

Yoshinori Ono, who is basically running PR at this point for both Capcom JP and for Capcom in the US, recently stated why Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite looks the way it does and what the developers where pushing for with regards to its presentation; a little transparency for once—Or at least twice, he actually called out producer Mike Evans, while disguised as a fan asking for improvements to Chun Li’s face which ultimately happened before the Day One Patch to everyone’s surprise (GOOD TRANSPARENCY WHICH POSITIVELY INFLUENCED PRESS COVERAGE). Regardless of how I or other fans feel Capcom may get better in the future or might remain the same, either way right now many of us are just focused on their next move with Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite. It would seem that a few leaks have appeared, brought to us by FChamp or what some are assuming is FChamp who took the images with a cell phone. (Let’s pray nothing happens to the dude as the Marvel community is already smaller than years past).

Carnage? Red Anti-Venom? Toxin? Holy Shit Look At Goldar!!!


Golda—I mean Golden Jedah , some are calling it Cyber Jedah or Huitzil/Phobos Jedah, seems to be an alternate costume, assuming it will be contained in the second part of the 2017 Costume Pass, and of course Venom with some sort of alternate variant. We can see from the Character select screen that the original character is indeed our classic Venom, but the alternate seems to be “Toxin”, son of Carnage, Grandson of Venom (the Symbiote’s linage not the actual hosts, as far as I know) unless it’s just a red variant of a Anti-Venom alternate.


Check out that In-N-Out Cup, whoever leaked this lives in So Cal ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I’m now just waiting for an official trailer. Capcom, when compared to NRS and Bamco, seem to be keeping their cards close to their chest, with regards to infinite. Hoping we see a trailer later this week or next as many have speculated that this DLC (Venom, Bucky, Widow) will drop this month so that December can tease future DLC at PSX 2017.

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