Nintendo Reveals SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy, The Revival of SNK Gals Fighters?

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In 2000, SNK released an all female cast fighting game for the Neo Geo Pocket Color dubbed “SNK Gals’ Fighters”. However, via the 1.11.2018 Nintendo Direct Mini, we have learned SNK is cooking up another all female fighting game titled “SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy” for the Nintendo Switch, another handheld system.  We already knew the Nintendo Switch was getting Arc System Work’s upcoming BlazBlue Cross-Tag Battle but another addition is always welcome!

Neo Geo Pocket Color Had Its Own All-Female Fighter Back In 2000

The title, SNK Gals’ Fighters, played similar to other Neo Geo Pocket King Of Fighters games although slightly faster. However, unlike this new entry, the matches played out in a traditional 1-on-1 format. Playable characters included

  1. Mai Shiranui – Fatal Fury
  2. Athena Asamiya – Psycho Soldier | King of Fighters
  3. Yuri Sakazaki – Art of Fighting
  4. Leona Heidern – King of Fighters
  5. Shermie – King of Fighters
  6. Nakoruru – Samurai Shodown
  7. Shiki – Samurai Shodown
  8. Akari Ichijou – The Last Blade
  9. Whip – King of Fighters
  10. Yuki Kushinada – King of Fighters

SNK HEROINES TAG TEAM FRENZY Focuses On 2-on-2 Matches

SNKHTTF 2 on 2.png

The new title, releasing spring/summer 2018, reminds me of a faster pace King of Fighters and appears to show gameplay with an autocombo, or one button combo, feature along with mechanics that focus on lowering enemy HP then finishing the enemy off with a special attack.

So far the roster confirmed includes:

  1. Athena Asamiya
  2. Yuri Sakazaki
  3. Mai Shiranui
  4. Leona Heidern
  5. Kula Diamond

One Of These Titles Is On The Way, I’d Hope The Other Makes It To Switch Soon

More fighters on the Switch means more content, variety. Going by some of the unconfirmed, leaks from r/Kappa some might have even been expecting an Injustice 2 port for the Nintendo Switch. I’ve seen some  rather odd arguments for why Fighters shouldn’t come to the system, primarily revolving around the lack of D-Pad on the system… Sure, the system, stock, doesn’t have a D-Pad but unlike many current gen consoles the Switch supports a vast number of after market bluetooth controllers. Currently, you can even use the Pokken Tournament or Nintendo Gamecube adapter with the system if you previously owned those controllers. Hori has been supporting the system with arcade sticks and there are a number of converters/adpaters which will allow you to use your existing joystick, gamepad, wireless controller, with the system. Hopefully more developers, CAPCOM, will get on the bandwagon and start supporting the switch with more titles. I’m pretty convinced that if Bethesda could get a working version of 2016’s DOOM on the system then there is no excuse for anyone else, there is a ton of money on the table. I’ve previously written about some fighters that I want to see on the switch, see below.



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