About Me

My Name is Alec Anuqân, but you are probably wondering what “KoKuTan” stands for. KoKuTan is the romanization of “こくたん” or “コクタン”, which mean ebony. Still lost? I’m Black, African American, and for purposes of this blog and my Youtube content, a Black Gamer. My identity is extremely important to me and was something I decided to lead with in regards to making a unique online name while gaming, it also sounds freaking awesome to me. My history with gaming and associated subcultures spans over 25+ years, the experiences and memories I’ve acquired during this time will stay with me for the rest of my life. I’ve founded this website to share and contribute back to the community that I’ve grown to cherish over the years and I hope the content I produce motivates and pays forward the love we all share for the medium, this global phenomenon.

Now on topic, below are some of my favorite game franchises. In no particular order…

Unfortunately I don’t have a direct video discussing my gaming history, this topic is overdue for an update, but this video was done after the Nintendo Switch Presentation in January 2017.  I go into my gaming history a bit, will leave this here for now till an updated video has been created. I hope you find it interesting, regarding my gaming background, the first four minutes contain the majority of that information.